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Our creative team provide a one-stop-shop for your media and marketing needs.

From websites and workshops to media and marketing, members of Eight can deliver a range of services to meet your needs. Our team of emerging creatives work alongside experienced professionals to offer:

graphic design
web design

When you commission Eight, you not only receive work that is innovative, value for money and produced to a high standard, you support a young professional to develop their career.

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Named after a group of eight interns who worked with us from 2013-14, the ultimate goal of Eight is to highlight the before unseen talents of young people, bring these talents to businesses and diversify the creative industries.


In 2013, with funding from the Creative Employment Programme, Knowle West Media Centre employed eight young people as Junior Digital Producers. Each of the young people had been unemployed for at least six months previously, and were struggling to find work in the creative industries due to lack of qualifications and/or experience.

We provided the JDPs with training in various creative fields such as coding, illustration and filmmaking, and gave them opportunities to work on real projects in the community. Toward the end of their employment, we supported the young people in finding their next job; a challenge experienced frequently by young professionals following internships/apprenticeships.

We’ve always been impressed by the potential the young people have shown in the workplace, and realise that what they might lack on paper, they make up for with originality, enthusiasm, and the motivation to get where they want to be. That’s why we decided to set up Eight. Visit the website at

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