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Garden Lab Whispers Grow

Co-creating a garden lab to grow more caring relationships with nature and inclusive processes for climate action.  


Lots of research and non-western cultures show that feeling part of nature improves human physical/mental health, supports a meaningful life and increases care for the environment (read more in a recent 2022 study here).  

There are many wisdoms and embodied knowledges currently excluded from climate action. For example, only five of the sustainable development goals explicitly reference disability. This highlights how disabled people are being excluded from data and monitoring around sustainable development. We believe that involving people with disabilities at all levels of decision-making is essential to achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030. 

In order to fuel climate action we need to radically shift our relationships with ‘nature’ and develop more conscious, equitable and caring relationships across all living things. To do this, we must start looking at things from different perspectives.  

Project Summary:

Through ‘Garden Lab Whispers Grow’, we will be exploring how co-designing through a variety of perspectives and being playful with DIY community tech could enhance our feeling of being part of nature and in turn increase pro-environmental behaviour. We want to inclusively and collaboratively learn/share knowledge which can be adapted to any community green space with a climate action agenda.  

We will do this through a series of grounded workshops with and for people who have different kinds of knowledges, taking place in and around Knowle West. Through co-created playful experiments in green spaces and gardens, we will develop approaches and processes that are built from the ground up, including a mix of DIY tech, human and digital sensing.  

This project is funded by Bristol + Bath Creative R+D Grounding Technologies and supported by Impetus.

Who will be involved:  

The project team includes KWMC producers, Wales-based artist Paul Granjon who has background in DIY tech and Bristol-based disabled interdisciplinary designer and accessibility advocate Ruth Hennell 

Read more about Paul and Ruth in our blog here. 

The project will also be working closely with local green groups and disabled creatives who are keen to discuss how to make green spaces more accessible.  

Get involved: 

We will be inviting the wider community to be involved in this project through events and workshops. Email if you’d like to hear more and stay in the loop. We would love to hear from you. 

Follow along:

We are hosting a ‘slow event’ on Facebook, #RewildingRest, from 7th to 21st November. We will be adding content here to nourish, inspire and play with one another. This is a temporary space for us to read blogs, listen to inspiring podcasts, write comments, share photos and lots more.

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Knowle West Media Centre
Leinster Avenue
Knowle West
+44 (0) 117 903 0444

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