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Change Creators: XLR Collective visit Saffron Records

This week the XLR Collective visited the team at Saffron Records – an all female record label and music education platform based in Bristol. Collective blogger Olivia shares what the group learned and how they’re planning to put it into practice in their campaign to combat street harassment…

3rd July 2017, Saffron Records

This week we visited Saffron Records and spoke with Laura who is the Creative Director at the record label. She started the talk by getting to know more about our campaign by asking us key questions […] For example she asked us what our targets where and advised us to make small, achievable goals that we can set and achieve, rather than grand targets that overwhelm us as we are just starting off.

She gave us really useful ideas about how to collaborate with other campaigns such as ‘Cheer up love’ who fight gender harassment through photography. She also gave us great advice to just approach all like-minded artists and musicians we can think of and really use every possible link we have to contact them.

Laura had lots of amazing ideas that really got us thinking [about] how to move forward with this campaign and vital things to consider. She then got us thinking about crowdfunders and the group split off to research different aspects such as: possible funders, brands that match our target audience, targets and stretch targets. She also got us thinking what rewards we can offer people who donate to our campaign.

Towards the end of our visit she really helped our group set roles for each member. We [had] previously assigned roles for everyone in the group but over time we got into a bit of a grey area of who does what. Along the way we have had members leave [the Collective], which means we have a few roles to re-assign.

Laura was a fresh pair of eyes who really helped us in picking each person’s role, by going though each individual’s strengths and assigning a role that best fits their ability. This left the group feeling [we had] a lot more clarity about how to move forward. Overall the visit has given us a lot of ideas about what to do with the campaign and made us think deeper into ways to progress.

Written by Olivia Sully-Karlis

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