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Meet the XLR Collective: Millie

Name: Millie Grant

Campaign: Gender Equality

Areas of specialism: Vocalist

What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? The chance to make a positive change, go abroad, and meet more likeminded people.

What are you up to when you’re not campaign developing with Change Creators? I’m a full time student with Access to Music so I’m usually studying. I also regularly go out and about in Bristol to enjoy the music scene.

What aspect of Change Creators are you most looking forward to? Getting our project off the ground, I’m really excited to see what it develops into.

Favourite song? DOPE LEMON – Honey Bones.

Favourite Music Genre? I don’t have one in particular but my favourites at the moment are indie folk, psychedelic rock, dub reggae and drum and bass.

An artist which inspires me is Elena Tonra from the band ‘Daughter’. [She] inspires my music and has helped me to create some of my own pieces. This is because of her lyricism. The subject matter is quite dark and truthful, and the metaphors she uses are haunting. The honesty of her writing is admirable and made me also want to be the sort of artist that can be related to.

Best live performance/event (either attended or performed at / and why?) I always enjoy the festival circuit, for me playing at Shambala was awesome. This was largely due to the people that you get in an audience at a festival, they’re all cheering you on and are all determined to have a good time. The energy from the audience always makes it easier to deliver a good performance and an enjoyable one.

Where do you see yourself / want to see yourself at the end of the programme? I see myself with the skills, knowledge and confidence to go forward and actively pursue being a teacher.

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