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Meet the XLR Collective: Maya

Name: Maya-Blue Gamble

Campaign: Gender Equality

Areas of specialism: Live Events, festivals

What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective? I applied to Change Creators because I wanted to feel more confident as a leader. Its rare that you see long term opportunities, I’d never seen a program so dedicated to individual development. My brain is literally overflowing with ideas and I’m excited to learn how to effectively transform my creative thinking into a reality, and make important social change at the same time! In the words of Kool & The Gang ‘We need peace, we need unity, we need peace, for you and for me.’

What are you up to when you’re not campaign developing with Change Creators? At the moment I’m at Motion on the weekends and work with my pops in the week. I produce music events and go to as many gigs as I can. Large proportions of my days are spent listening to music. I’m from the kind of house where there’s some kind of sound system in every room including the shed. So when I’m home tunes are blazing. I love to cook vibrant food and baking is my favourite solution to boredom. I have truly inspiring friends so I spend a lot of time with them. To be honest I’m just a bit of a thinker, I love to come up with ideas about events, festival infrastructure, products, projects…all sorts. This time of year I’m eagerly waiting for the festival season to kick off. When it’s does I’ll be in my element again.

What aspect of Change Creators are you most looking forward to? Learning, meeting new people, hearing their stories. Plotting the ins and outs of our campaigns. Building relationships with likeminded people. Not that I’m in a rush for the programme to end, but I can’t wait to look back and see what we’ve accomplished, I want to feel like we’ve changed at least one person’s thinking around the realities of gender equality.

Favourite song? No comment: hardest question to ask a music enthusiast!

Favourite music genre? I’ve got time for so many genres of music, My favourite could depend on what kind of mood I’m in… The weather… Who am I playing music too? Generally I listen to Music of Black origin e.g. Grime, Dancehall, Afro-beat, Soul, HipHop, Jazz, and Funk. But I also love House, Techno and Dance music in general. My family have also brought me up listening to global beats, so I love those international sounds. An artist which inspires me is Eyrka Badou because she’s unapologetically true to herself in everything she does: her music, her attitude, her activism.

Best live performance/event (either attended or performed at / and why?) Glastonbury Festival is a massive part of my existence. I’m part of a generation of festival babies. I’ve never missed a year and hope for that not to change. I love getting back in that field with the crew who are like a massive weird extended family to me and making it all happen. Both me and my sister now work at Glastonbury within the Silver Hayes Area as assistant programmers. We focus on and bring in underrepresented genres and breaking the freshest of talent. Glastonbury/Silver Hayes has truly shaped my values and who I am today.

Where do you see yourself / want to see yourself at the end of the programme? I see myself fired up for more social change. I think as soon as were done I’ll be thinking about the next thing I can do to make a difference in my community. I’ll feel comfortable calling myself an activist! I will have some sound new friends which is exciting. I will be a stronger facilitator and leader.

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