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Meet the XLR Collective: Jerome

Name: Jerome Barrs-James

Campaign: Gender Equality

Areas of specialism: DJ Producer

 What made you apply to Change Creators: The XLR Collective?  I heard about it through college and the concept behind it appealed to me – of using music as a medium to discuss certain issues.

What are you up to when you’re not campaign developing with Change Creators? Normally studying at dBs or messing around at home on Ableton.

What aspect of Change Creators are you most looking forward to? I’m looking forward to finding out about how change can occur with regards to the issues being discussed and what both we can do collectively and how I can help individually with achieving this. I’ve never been to Spain before so that’s pretty exciting!

Favourite song? It changes pretty often but at the moment it’s The Flute Tune by Hidden Agenda.

Favourite music genre? I listen to a lot of electronic music which boils down to things like Jungle/Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Techno and I like to explore other genres outside of this such as Dub, Funk, Jazz & Soul so that I can find something good for sampling in a track.

An artist who inspires me is Break Because his work rate as a producer is baffling and his style is one that is all his own.

Best live performance/event (either attended or performed at / and why?) Last year I went to Boomtown Fair and the Banghai Palace stage was particularly astonishing, as it must have been at least 50 feet tall and had fire shooting out of it from about 15 different places!

Where do you see yourself / want to see yourself at the end of the programme? Hopefully with a more developed understanding of the issues that Bristol and other places face and in a better informed position with regards to how to challenge it.

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