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Women in Film: From Her POV Week Seven

This week’s blog from the From Her Point of View programme features an insight into production design and filmmaking theory. Catch up with Kerrie, one of the young women taking part in the training who is also acting as Press Agent for the films…

Week Seven

Week Seven was a pretty exciting one, as we are getting ever closer to the crews being able to commence shooting on their films!

Thursday’s session was a mix, partly devoted to more pre-production prep: talk about locations, shot lists, shooting schedules, props, production design and script drafts abounded. Team Blood Warriors were also abuzz with excitement about finalising their upcoming audition workshop at the weekend to find their three leading ladies! We also had a masterclass in Feminist film theory, exploring such things as how the “male gaze” dominates the film industry and how the “female gaze” differs… one might say incredibly appropriate for International Women’s Day, right?

Being the publicist on the project, I had an idea of conducting/filming a mini interview with each of the ladies, for our readers to get to know us all a little better and what attracted us to want to be involved in From Her Point of View. Florence, Blood Warriors’ Director of Photography, even bought her camera in and we had an awesome black and white photo shoot of team and individual portraits.


Production Design

Friday’s session saw us joined by Carrie Love, for some insight into production design. Carrie has worked as a freelancer in a vast range of TV and film projects and been everything from a runner to prop-maker, designer and Art Director. She spoke with us about her creative process when she designs the look and feel of a set and how it might be useful for [our] Art Department to make themselves a spreadsheet for the duration of shooting, to make notes of anything they need for particular dates, scenes and so on.

Being involved in this side of the industry is probably the one I find most appealing beyond writing, but I’ve never found myself as the kind of person who is good at the practical side of making things and I’m not much better when it comes to the programmes on a computer that let you do […] this kind of thing!

That in mind, I watched in adoration as both teams set about making props to dress their sets – Black Cherry were working on posters for [their character] Ben’s room, record sleeves, and patches for Ben’s costume, while Blood Warriors were also working on posters for bedrooms and BMX competitions!

Next week I found I would be more hands-on as we ventured out to KWMC The Factory, where all kinds of building and making type magic happens. Our kind of magic? The puppetry kind…

This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery funds.

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