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Women in Film: From Her POV Week Nine

This week’s blog from the From Her Point of View programme was a mix of some final pre-production preparation and an insight into post-production editing, with a little help from the puppetry shorts complete last week! Catch up with Kerrie, one of the young women taking part in the training who is also acting as Press Agent for the films…

Week Nine

Week Nine was a rather exciting one here at From Her Point Of View, in that the ladies are very nearly ready to begin shooting their films! Initial auditions for both films have been held, with callbacks and more to come.

I was thrilled to see that the Blood Warriors production crew had such an amazing response to advertising their auditions: there were upwards of twenty young women of all different looks and personalities from different backgrounds and with different skillsets. Myself, Ellie and Rosa  all remarked how surreal but brilliant it was that somewhere in this room Blood Warriors would find their three leading ladies.

The auditions felt pretty relaxed, using some of the techniques Esther had taught us about Intention and Obstacle, but tying these in with games and scenarios to see how the actors interact with one another – important given that Rosa’s film [Blood Warriors] has a central three-way friendship that underpins it. I was blown away by the level of talent and rather sad I wasn’t able to attend call-backs!

The auditions process for Black Cherry was much more intimate: involving a read through of Kam’s script and being asked a few questions, all on film. The auditions I attended were brilliant, but I think it was decided that they needed more time to focus on finding their leads, specifically [the character of] Ange. That in mind, more auditions were pencilled in for this evening

Now with initial auditions out of the way, Thursday’s session involved the final nuts and bolts of pre-production prep: shooting dates were locked in for both films, shot lists and storyboards finalised, call sheets [were] put together. Blood Warriors had sorted out their location for their first day of shooting and were busy putting together an event to publish on social media to attract extras for the crowds. Black Cherry were also coming together to go through their next steps ahead of shooting, including catching up on where things stood in relation to sets, costume and locations, before heading off to meet more of their prospective cast members and audition them!

Friday’s workshop saw us reunite with all the puppet brilliance we’d created last week, to have a go at editing! We had to [look through] every single piece of footage, known as rushes, find the shots we liked best, and edit them into a unique film. This was probably the only time in the history of the course so far that I found the workshop difficult, given that I personally found the software really fiddly and intricate to use that by the end I hadn’t produced anything I was happy sharing with the group. That being said, I did enjoy learning about the process and will practise more in future.

This programme is supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery funds.

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