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Joining a Virtual Event

Welcome to the Virtual Events Programme!

We’re designing our virtual events to be as much like our in-person workshops and activities as possible, with plenty of opportunities to (virtually) meet the Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) team and other participants, and talk to each other as you would if we were all physically in a room together!

However, there are several important differences between in-person events and virtual events, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of this. 

Types of Event

KWMC’s online events tend to fall into one of three categories:

1. Small groups (such as meetings and small workshops): using Microsoft Teams

2. Large groups (such as online events): using Jitsi (

3. Presenter-led sessions (such as talks): using Youtube

Events in categories 1 and 2 are only accessible to participants who have registered to attend in advance with KWMC.  While they are happening, these events are not ‘open’ events that can be discovered by anyone on the internet.

Events in category 3 are slightly different. Registered guests can tune in to a Youtube live stream to watch and listen to guest speakers (such as artists and makers), who are taking part in a private Jitsi meeting with the KWMC team. These Youtube live streams will be recorded so others can watch them later too. 

Joining a Virtual Event

When you register to attend a virtual event, a member of the KWMC team will send you an e-mail with a link and password to access the virtual space.

In order to protect everyone’s privacy, please don’t share this link and password online or with other people.

If you have friends or family members who would like to take part in the virtual event too, please ask them to get in touch with them so we can send them a link. We would love to welcome them! 

If you need any help accessing a Microsoft Teams meeting you can follow the tutorial below:

Protecting Your Privacy

Depending on your privacy settings and the kind of event you’re joining (category 1, 2 or 3) when you join a virtual event KWMC and the other participants in the virtual event may be able to see / hear you.

For small group (category 1) and large group (category 2) events this includes:

– Your name or the text you typed into the ‘name box’

– Your face and anything that your camera is pointing towards (e.g. things happening in the background; anything on the wall behind where you’re sitting)

– Your voice and anything you say during the event

– Background noise in your home, like music and other people’s voices if they’re in the same room

– Anything you type into the ‘chat’ function within the virtual space

This is very similar to what everyone would be able to see and hear if we were running these events in person – as we’d originally planned! – but we want to make sure you’re aware of this.

For presenter-led events (category 3), no one will be able to see you watching the Youtube live stream.  The only time information about you would be visible is if you choose to type a comment or question into the comments section under the Youtube video.  If you did this, the following information would be publicly visible on Youtube to anyone who watches the video:

– your chosen username and picture

– the comments or questions you type

There are some tips in the ‘I don’t want to appear’ section that you can follow to restrict what we and other people can see.

Recording Events

KWMC may record some online events as they take place.

The KWMC team will let you know before the event if recording will be happening, how the recording will be used, and how you can opt out of this.  Most recordings will be made as records of the event, to be used as resources for education and learning. For example: so people can watch a talk if they missed out at the time, or follow along with the activities that happened in a virtual making workshop.

Recordings may be made available on websites and online accounts that are controlled by KWMC, such as and and used as a training resource during in-person workshops run by KWMC when our buildings have reopened.

For small group (category 1) and large group (category 2) events, the following information about you could be captured in a recording:

– your name or the text you typed into the ‘name box’, in case the list of participants

– footage of you and / or anything that your camera is pointing towards (things happening in the background), if your camera is enabled

– still images of you, if your camera is enabled

– anything you say, if your microphone is enabled

– any background noise in your home, if your microphone is enabled

– anything you type into the ‘chat’ function within the virtual space

As referred to in the Privacy section, these things will also be visible to the other people who have joined the virtual meeting / event.

For presenter-led events (category 3), your name and comment / question could be included in a recording if the presenter reads out what you’ve typed into the Youtube comments section in order to respond or answer the question.

“I don’t want to appear in a recording but I still want to take part in the event”

We completely understand that you might not want to be featured in a recording, even if this is momentary or accidental, or be seen by other people.

We recommend that you take the following steps before your join the virtual space so your name, face and voice aren’t recorded. This is also useful advice if you don’t want others to see you:

1. use just your first name or give a pseudonym (swap your name for one that isn’t yours – like Jack instead of John). Please don’t use the name of a real person (either famous or known to you) or any swear words though!

2. disable your camera

3. disable your microphone. Please disable your microphone when you’re not speaking to improve the sound quality. Using headphones if you have them can help to improve sound quality too.

4. don’t type anything into the chat function that you’re not happy to be seen by other people in the virtual event and anyone who views the recording

“Can you tell me more about the virtual meeting software?”

As a digital arts centre, we take the online safety of our team and community very seriously.  We use Microsoft Teams and Jitsi for hosting online events as we feel most confident in their approach to privacy and security.

Click on the links below to read more about the privacy policies of:

Microsoft Teams

KWMC is not responsible for the privacy and usage policies of Microsoft Teams, Jitsi and Youtube.

Your Permission

By joining a virtual space for an event, you give permission to appear in a recording of the session by KWMC, that will be used for the purposes outlined by KWMC staff at the start of the session.

You also accept that you’ve read and understand the privacy and usage policies of Microsoft Teams, Jitsi and/or Youtube.

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