Factory Membership

Your route to independent making at The Factory

Ever wanted to get your hands on a laser cutter? use a 3D printer or get crafty with a digital embroiderer? Factory Membership is your way to access all this kit and a lot more. Members also crucially have access to the training and support needed to explore digital making and how it can work for you, your business or your hobbies.

For £5 per month, you will be a part of our member community and have access to inductions, kit hire and member events. You will also hear about upcoming opportunities at The Factory through our Members newsletters and updates.

The membership fee is a small monthly subscription which members pay as a contribution to our costs. The cost of kit hire and inductions is charged on top of this based on use. Factory members are able to book our equipment and inductions throughout the week (Mon-Fri 9.30-5) subject to availability

Who is it for?

Factory Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. No experience is necessary to get started, just an interest in making.


The Factory has a fantastic range of digital fabrication equipment available for our members to hire.
Find out about what is currently available here.

In order to use kit independently, we run a full induction programme which starts with an online induction using our Factory Learning Portal. You will then move on to an in-person induction with one of our technicians. Once these are complete you will then be free to book equipment in our management system Fabman.

Equipment hire and inductions are charged in addition to the membership fee, based on your bookings each month.

All equipment hire costs are given in the equipment list linked above, but range from £5/hr for a vinyl cutter to £32/hr for our largest laser cutter.

Membership Handbook and Agreement

Our membership scheme is explained in more detail in our Membership Handbook which you can view here. As part of the registration process we ask all members to read this handbook and agree to our Membership Agreement which is contained within it.

If you would like a tour of the space and to find out more about membership, see our kit and workshops and find out about other opportunities, please email us or call on 0117 403 2306.

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