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Our extensive range of fabrication equipment is available to hire by our Members, is used by our programmes and also our commissions service. We continue to add to this kit with new items when these become available for public use.

Factory Membership is your route to being inducted upon and using the below kit independently. Membership is open to everyone over 18 years of age with a desire to create!
*Inductions take place online via our bespoke training materials with a follow up in-person appointment in The Factory. You can find out more about Membership on our information page here.

*Inductions cost £20 per item of kit however, we currently have an half price offer for new members in their first induction.

***NEW*** Brother Entrepreneur 6-Plus
  • Embroiders fabrics, working from vector designs.
  • Can run designs with up to six different colours without requiring a thread change
  • Arm design allows artwork to be embroidered directly onto t-shirts, sleeves, bags, jackets etc. Can also embroider caps
  • A robust and reliable setup suitable for production runs
  • Hire cost: £16 per hour, thread included for small batches or experiments. For large runs please consult technician beforehand
***RECENTLY ADDED*** CR Clarke R25 Granulator
  • Used for processing waste plastic material into granulate.
  • Capable of shredding many kinds of hard plastic including acrylic and polypropylene.
  • Size of shredded granulate is controlled by installing different meshes
  • Hire cost: £10 per hour
UV Printer: Roland Versa LEF 2-200

Prints in full colour onto a variety of flat surfaces including card, plastics, metals, fabric, wood

  • Bed size: 50.8cm x 33cm, max object height 100mm, max weight 5kg
  • Results will vary based on material used, please allow time for testing
  • Hire cost: £20 per hour, includes the cost of ink
Laser Cutter: Epilog Fusion M2 – 60Watt

Cuts from a digital design using a laser beam.

  • Materials to cut include: Ply, Acrylic, Fabric, Rubber stamps, Cardboard, etc
  • Bed Size: 812mm x 508mm
  • Hire Cost: £24 per hour
Laser Cutter: Trotec – Speedy 400, 120W CO2
  • Cuts from a digital design using a laser beam.
  • Camera function
  • Materials to cut include: Ply, Acrylic, Fabric, Rubber stamps, Cardboard, etc
  • Maximum cutting area: 1004 x 610 mm (39.5″ x 24″), Maximum material thickness: 15 mm (Above 6mm thickness requires change of lens by technician)
  • Hire Cost: £32 per hour
Digital Embroidery Machine: Brother Innov-is V3
  • Embroiders fabric from a digital design. Single Thread machine.
  • Embroidery hoop sizes (L): H 300mm x 130mm, (M): H 180mm x 130mm, (S): H 100mm x W 100mm, (XS): 60mm x W 20mm
  • Hire cost: £8 per hour, including standard satin threads and basic interfacing material, colours will vary
Vinyl Cutter: Roland DG CAMM-1 GS-24
  • Used to cut vinyl stickers or heat press designs for applying to fabric
  • Cuts using a small blade.
  • Cutting sizes: Width: 50 – 700mm, Length: 25000 mm
  • Hire cost: £5 per hour
3D Printer: Ultimaker 2+
  • Prints 3D objects from digital models in layers
  • Good for creating small to medium sized objects or prototypes
  • Build volume: up to 220 x 220 x 300 mm
  • Can print with PLA, ABS filament
  • Hire cost: £5 per hour (includes standard PLA filament, colours will vary)
Fabric Heat Press: Xpres Adkins – Swing Heat Press
  • Used for fabric transfer dyes, applying flock, heat press vinyl, etc to fabric
  • Bed size: 38.1cm x 50.8cm
  • Hire cost: £10 per hour
Notes on our kit
  • Minimum booking duration 30 minutes on all kit (charged at 50% of the hourly rate)
  • Bookable through your Fabman account once you have been fully inducted
  • Where available, small amounts of scrap material for testing is provided free of charge
  • We hold a small stock of a variety of materials for purchasing, please speak to a technician for current costs
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