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MADE in South Bristol: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MADE in South Bristolis a new support programme for emerging and established creative SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and entrepreneurs at KWMC The Factory.

MADE in South Bristol provides a unique blend of face to face activity and interactive online sessions including hands-on workshops, mentoring, networking events and guided access to The Factory’s digital fabrication equipment. Participants are expected to commit to a minimum of 12 hours training within the programme.

Who is for?

To start you must meet the eligibility criteria below.

Exploring Creative Enterprise is ideal for:

  • Enterprise/Business beginners
  • Not running a business or trading
  • Or at very start of starting a business (you want to start but like some support to get going)

This would appeal to anyone who wants to explore what an enterprise is and what a business should think about. You could already have some skills or experience in making/design, or none at all.

Example, you could have a creative hobby like furniture making/jewellery design and think you might like to turn it into a career and generate income.

MADE Business Support is for:

  • Existing creative businesses and sole traders
  • Freelancers, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, partnerships etc.

This strand provides business support across a number of tailored workshops and dedicate 1-2-1 Factory support. The Factory specialises in digital fabrication, making and prototyping and as such we’re ideally suited to business looking to develop products and services.

Important: When applying for MADE Business Support applicants must provide a company registration number (CRN) or unique tax reference number (UTR).

Eligibility criteria?


To be eligible participants must be 18+, and a current resident of South Bristol or business registered in South Bristol. You can contact to check details.

For the existing creative business programme you need to prove you are an existing business by providing a company registration number or unique tax reference number.

Those applying to the MADE business support programme will need to confirm whether their business is an SME (small to medium enterprise) and has been in receipt of any state aid.

I live outside South Bristol, can I apply?

At this moment MADE is only available to south Bristol residents and businesses who registered address are in south Bristol. We will amend the web information if this changes.

Is it funded?

Great news, the core support programme is fully funded, so you won’t have to pay anything. However, additional machine hire and materials may cost extra. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns about affordability or access and we can discuss potential support to cover costs.

I have an idea for a business, but not sure where to start?

Join the “Exploring Creative Enterprise” course. This is tailored for people who need some support to think through the various parts of business. The programme will not cover business set up, however, will introduce you to the types of structures.

I have products ready to sell but I’ve not set up a business. Which programme do I join?

In the new year we are looking to develop a specific activity to support individuals ready to set up. This can include registering your business with the Factory. This activity will only be available to individuals who are ready to officially set up a business with either HMRC OR Companies house.

After this you will be free to take part in the programme for new/existing businesses. If this is of interest Contact

How many can take part?

There is no limit on how many can take part, however, we are limited by how many we can work with in face to face workshops. This is to ensure we are delivering safely in line with our Covid guidelinesBoth MADE programmes will be delivered online until further notice.  

How will covid-19 impact MADE in South Bristol?

All MADE activities are online until further notice and during lockdown the Factory is closed to the public. We will regularly review our policies and any face to face activity will be designed in line with our COVID-19 Health & Safety regulations.

You can read KWMC’s full COVID-19 reopening info here. Any concerns or questions contact the factory.

*UPDATE* With the second lockdown and the tier system The Factory are moving all MADE in South Bristol activities online until further noticeParticipants will be sent workshop packs to accompany the online workshops.  

You can read KWMC’s full COVID-19 reopening info here. Any concerns or questions contact the factory.

Will I be able to use the Factory during MADE?

Yes, if there is a specific session or activity agreed with the Factory, however, at this moment in time the Factory is close to the public and cannot provide access to equipment or space.

We are currently reviewing how we provide safe access, and how we provide machine inductions which follow covid-19 guideline in the future.

Can I come in and use the equipment outside of MADE?

If you have been inducted on a machine you will be able to book/hire machines (at cost). If you have not been inducted you will not be able to come in and use equipment, unless it has been agreed with the Factory.

The Factory is currently closed to the public and unable to provide access to equipment or space.

What can I expect?

Both made programmes offer 12 hours of support, and both will be delivered online using interactive tools Like Zoom and Miro.

Exploring Creative Enterprise is a curated course with 5 core activities, all of which provide a guided journey into enterprise.

MADE Business Support is a flexible support programme. . This support is spread across 1-2-1 Factory support and business focused workshops. Participants do not have to attend every planned workshops, instead they can pick 8 hours of workshop support.

In addition to the core programmes participants will join the wider Factory Family and receive invites to member meet up and events.

What if I can’t make all of the activities?

If you are unsure you can make the entire programme contact are expected to commit to the 12 hours, and this is especially important for ‘Exploring Creative enterprise’ which is designed as a guided course.

If you’ve applied and then are then unable to attend speak to at the earliest opportunity.

Do I have to do the full 12 hours?

We encourage everyone to commit to the full 12 hours. MADE has been designed to allow flexibility and spread over time to ensure it can fit around your commitments.

I’ve missed a session, or two, or three…

In the first instance contact Emma and see whether there are catch up opportunities for the missed activity. There is also the possibility to re-join activity at a later date (when the activity runs again).

It’s important to keep us updated! If you miss multiple activities without informing Emma, or the Factory team, we will assume you no longer want to be part of the programme.

What do you mean I can ‘submit my own application’?

Forms are incredibly useful but they’re not always the most accessible format. We’re open to receiving other formats for your application, so long as they use the online form as a guide. Audio and video must be no longer than 5 mins and sent to

If the file size of your application is too big and won’t attached to an email you can share links to files including google drive, drop box, WeTransfer or similar. Contact Emma if you’re having difficulty sending your application.

I want to fill out the form but I need, what do I do?

If you need help filling out and submitting the application you can contact and Emma will be happy to work through the form with you.

When will I know if I’m on MADE in South Bristol?

Participants will be notified at least one week before activity starts. When you have been notified you will receive links to an official registration forms and doodle poll to confirm availability for the upcoming workshops.

I applied but didn’t get on, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again but you will only be able to do the programme you’ve applied to once.

I took part in MISB Exploring Creative Enterprise can I move on to MISB Business Support?

Absolutely! You can apply to join the follow-on activity for existing creative businesses but remember to be suitable you must have started your business (registered with Companies house or HMRC, or started trading)

I have unanswered questions!

Email and Emma will get back to you as soon as possible.


MADE in South Bristol is delivered by KWMC The Factory as part of South Bristol Enterprise Support (SBES), which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and West of England Combined Authority Investment Fund. SBES is delivered in partnership by Bristol City Council, YTKO, School for Social Entrepreneurs, The Prince’s Trust and KWMC The Factory.

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