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A thank you to KWMC volunteers

As part of National Volunteers’ Week 2014, Knowle West Media Centre staff would like to publicly thank our volunteers:

“Volunteers are absolutely vital to Social Mirror. This year our volunteers have helped us to issue nearly 150 social prescriptions to community members in Knowle West. Their hard work has really changed people’s lives, helping to inspire people to improve their health and wellbeing. I want to give my thanks to all the volunteers who have made this possible. Without them the project wouldn’t have happened.”
Lucinda Thelwell, Volunteer Coordinator (Social Mirror)

“A huge ‘thank you’ to all the volunteers who help out at the Beginners’ Computer Class. Without them we couldn’t help so many older people in the local community. The students really appreciate their patience and knowledge.”
Martin Hanstead, Digital Neighbourhoods Tutor

“The wide range of skills our volunteers have enables us to offer so many more opportunities to young people through our regular programme and holiday activities than we could provide with our core team alone. Because of our volunteers young people can record their own music with an experienced sound engineer, create a computer game with an expert coder, transform a piano into something new with skilled group workers and so much more. Thank you.”
Beccy Thomas, Programme Manager (Young People)

“Without the valuable time and enthusiasm of the volunteers working with the “Do What You Love” Programme our participants would not have been able to have received such valuable support. Thanks to the volunteers who have supported the sewing group and laser cutting in particular. You know who you are and the participants are very grateful.”
Justin Ricks, Green Digital Business Programme Manager

“Our Front of House and Administration Volunteers provide invaluable support to a busy, multitasking staff team. I’m always impressed to see how quickly our volunteers grow in confidence and I’m really pleased by how many are now in paid employment.”
Michaela Micrae Simpson, Operations and Buildings Manager

“A huge thank you to all the community reporter volunteers past and present for their tireless work over the past 18 months. I appreciate the hours you have put in chasing up stories, interviewing local celebrities and taking photos at events. You have painstakingly worked on your articles to fine tune them into brilliant copy – keep up the good work. Without you we wouldn’t be able to sniff out all the good stories and give this area a voice”
Sue Mackinnon, Community Journalism Tutor

“I’d like to thank everyone who helps me to turn a pile of articles and a folder of photos into a twelve-page newsletter every issue! The editorial group give me invaluable guidance in identifying the key news items for each issue and, as Sue Mackinnon has said, the many contributors and reporters do a sterling job of bringing events, important community issues and good news stories to our attention. The Knowledge newsletter volunteers help me ensure that Knowle West residents are well-informed about the things that affect their area – and, crucially, that they have a place where they can have their say. I’m really proud to edit a newsletter that people genuinely look forward to receiving and I’m very grateful for the team.”
Rachel Clarke, Newsletter Editor

“Between April 2013 and March 2014 KWMC has had the good fortune to have had over 62 volunteers contributing over 790 valuable hours of their time supporting people here, many of whom are local residents and children who come to learn new skills, express their ideas and get creative. Some of our volunteers go on to get jobs because of the experience they have had, some go back to their jobs with new insights and a different perspective on life, some just have fun and enjoy meeting new people and sharing their expertise. Much of what we do would not be possible without the commitment and energy of all those who volunteer and so a big thank you from me to all of them.  I’d especially like to thank Professor Rodric Yates who last year donated a great deal of his very valuable time and expertise to helping over 16 young people learn coding and tech skills and contributed to our Curating Activism programme.”
Carolyn Hassan, Director

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Michaela Macrae Simpson or call 0117 903 0444.

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