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Jump Studios Summer Programme 2022

August 1st sparks the start of the 2022 Jump Studios Holiday Programme!
A variety of FREE & FUN activities for young people aged 10-17.

Maker City

Date: Monday August 1st – Wednesday August 3rd
Time: 10 – 3pm
Location: KWMC The Factory

An introduction to Maker City where young people can experiment with digital making, creative technologies and social action! Get inspired and make products using laser cutters, 3D printers and vinyl cutters and collaborate on social action campaigns.

Sound Wave

Date: Monday August 8th – Wednesday August 10th
Time: 10 – 3pm
Location: Knowle West Media Centre

A space to come and explore music, and be inspired by the local Bristol music scene. Whether it is your first time making music or you have already started to create your own. We look at collaborating with each other to write songs, exploring different instruments and sounds and using music software to create ideas.

To register click here or contact us via WhatsApp on 07729238700.

International Women’s Day 2022 at KWMC

Knowle West Media Centre is a women-founded (and led) Bristol organisation. We have worked with many inspirational women to champion, celebrate and support the role of women in creative practice, business and community.

Aside from the events we are hosting on the 9th of March for #InternationalWomensDay2022, we wanted to take some time to look at a few, more recent, members of the KWMC family who identify as women.

We began our Knowle West journey 25 years ago and wanted to show that after all that time, women are still a driving force in the things we are accomplishing in the Knowle West area and beyond.

First, a word from our CEO and co-founder, Carolyn…

“I remember buying a professional camera in my younger days and the salesperson directing all technical info to my totally bemused male friend, and deferring to him to make the decision about which model I might buy…

This was an experience often repeated in meetings, on panels and at events at every level. 

So, as I look back over the many years of my work at Knowle West Media I feel hope that things are changing for the better, because I see younger confident women able to express themselves, who will call out discrimination, injustice, and any attempt to undermine them because of their gender. 

The world needs confident, inspiring young women more than ever”

– Carolyn Hassan

The story of KWMC originated from Carolyn’s journey as a photographer, where she was in residence with a local community organisation, looking at the relationship between arts and wellbeing, and the role that media arts can play in communities.

We would like to use the opportunity of International Women’s Day to shed light on some recent starters who are already playing a vital role at KWMC and in the community…

Ties Benguedda: Creative Project Manager at KWMC The Factory

Ties is relatively new to the KWMC. She is an internationally experienced multicultural and multilingual project manager with a passion for creativity, adventure and business. For the last fourteen years, she has been freelance – setting up a collective of small enterprises. From there she moved on to training and coaching hundreds of students on Employability & Enterprise skills for the University of Exeter before joining KWMC to help encourage creatives turn their ideas into a business.

“The fact that KWMC is a women-led and women founded organisations leaves me feeling empowered and inspired”

– Ties

Reflecting on her time here so far, she feels she has learned so much already in a very short amount of time and that every day is a different experience.

Claire Innes: Design and Engagement Assistant for We Can Make

After finishing her undergrad in Architecture, Claire pitched for a role at the WeCanMake project in October 2020. Since then, Claire’s job has evolved greatly and has covered a whole range of responsibilities relation to housing production and community engagement.

There’s no one way for a woman to be and I feel like that’s really advocated for here in the way that our differences are accommodated for and accepted.

– Claire

Claire has been playing a huge part in the constructions that are seeing local residents Bill and Toni get the housing they need, as well as communicating directly with members of the community, especially in regards to the housing of local people.

Megan Ballin: Project Coordinator for Jump Studios

Coming from a background in photography, videography and youth work, Megan has recently becoming the project coordinator for the young people’s programme Jump Studios team at KWMC. Her role directly involves supporting young women to express imaginative ideas, learn new skills sand build self-confidence.

Megan has recently been working on the Future Legacy Project, an exciting creative programme supporting young women to make a difference in the world by creating their own digital social action project. She has been running specific sessions on mental health and photography to “encourage young women to feel confident around self-awareness and to explore different perspectives in the complex world we live in.”

“Working at KWMC is unbelievably empowering. [Knowle West Media] allows me to focus on my own authentic passions and translate them to young people with integrity and care to empower women in younger generations.”

– Megan

We look forward to welcoming more women to KWMC in many more years to come and playing a part in a #WomenSupportingWomen movement.

If you are interested in attending any of the events being run by KWMC The Factory on the 9th of March, please head over to the event page to find out more about the online inspire talk and the open day.

Come Together Weekender 18 – 21 November

Welcome to the Come Together Weekender! 

A four day gathering of talks, workshops, and events exploring how we can connect through a mix of in-person and virtual, or ‘hybrid’ spaces.

Join us for online + in-person workshops, activities and events.

Day 1: Inclusion in Action,

What happens to ‘hybrid’ when you start with access and inclusion?

Come Together for a day of creative play centring expertise from disability cultures and activists. End the day with a disability-centric nightlife party brought to you by the New York based REMOTE ACCESS organising collective.

Find out more about these events and how to book HERE

Day 2: Making it Sensory

How can we make digital experiences sensory, warm and engaging? 

Come Together to imagine our own sensory utopias and connect through smell, taste and conversation including an event with artist Linda Brothwell. End the day with a special Cook-a-long with Grizedale Arts.

Find out more about these events and how to book HERE

Day 3: Imagining for real

How can we use a mix of tools to include everyone in neighbourhood visioning?

Come Together for a day of neighbourhood imagining from where ever you are. Take part in online and in-person workshops with artists including Malcolm Hamilton of Play:Disrupt at Knowle West Media Centre.

Find out more about this days events and how to book HERE

Day 4: Claiming the right to rest

How can we access and enjoy the spaces of rest we need to find peace and wellbeing?

Come Together to relax at the end of the weekender featuring workshops by artists including Emma Blake Morsi. Take a pause and claim your right to rest.

Find out more about this days events and how to book HERE

Come Together is an Arts Council England funded project aiming to unpack and explore what ‘Hybrid’ is and could mean. ‘Hybrid’ is often referred to as a way of connecting people who are present in-person and virtually.  Through four creative residencies in Knowle West this year artists and the local community have been coming together to experiment with ‘hybrid’ connection. Through the Weekender we will share some of what’s been happening in Knowle West this summer, whilst also celebrating excellent national / international practice in the field and of course opening up more questions together.

My Knowle West shortlisted for national digital award

Our ‘local social network’ My Knowle West was nominated for an award at this year’s Next Gen digital awards.

The app, which enables people to share photos and updates about positive activities happening in their area, was shortlisted alongside five other finalists in the ‘Intelligent Communities’ category.

On 5th November, members of the KWMC team traveled down to London for the Next Gen 15 conference and the evening awards ceremony, which took place in the House of Lords.

Although My Knowle West missed out on the top award, we were delighted to make the shortlist and see the app, developed through European partnership project IES Cities, recognised for bringing people together and using digital technologies to encourage positive action.

Find out more about the app here. You can register for a free account on MyKW online, so join the online community and get sharing!

Special Knowle West TV series draws to a close

Over the summer months Made in Bristol TV has been broadcasting a weekly show about Knowle West TV, a series of programmes that were first shown on Bristol Channel, a community cable TV initiative that operated from 1973-75.

Bristol Channel was set up by Rediffusion, at the time the UK’s largest cable company, and it reached 23,000 homes in Bristol via Rediffusion’s cable network in 1973. Knowle West TV was one of the programmes: local residents were trained to record footage and just over 21 hours of local material was produced. From discussions about the women’s liberation movement and the 1974 General Election to music from local bands and street interviews, the films provide a fascinating and witty insight into life in Bristol and Knowle West in the 1970s.

The half-hour ‘highlights’ programmes on Made in Bristol TV are broadcast every Friday on Freeview channel 8, Sky 117 or Virgin 159, and are presented by Josh Ellis. As a result of seeing the programmes, over 30 people have been in touch with us to share their stories and memories.

The final episodes of the Made in Bristol TV series will focus on four Knowle West residents – some of whom still live in the area today.  Bryan, Steve, Lorraine and Robin all saw things they recognised in the 1970s footage – and one of them remembered Bristol Channel first time round!

Our collaboration with Made in Bristol TV is part of the wider Knowle West TV project, where we’ve been working with the Know Your Bristol project at University of Bristol and Bristol Record Office to bring the 1970s footage back to our screens.

Tune in to Made in Bristol TV on Friday 18th and Friday 25th September to hear their stories.


Call for artist/maker for new furniture commission

As part of our new Eagle House Pop-Up Furniture Factory, Knowle West Media Centre is seeking an artist/maker for a new commission to re-imagine, re-design and re-make redundant office furniture into something more beautiful, useful and sustainable.

The commission runs from November 2014 to February 2015.

To find out more please download the brief The Beauty Within Call for Commissions or contact Melissa Mean on 07984 745 175 or

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 31st October 2014.


Knowle West Heritage Walking Tour

On Wednesday 13th August around 25 people joined us for a heritage walking tour of Knowle West with local historian and lifelong resident Ken Jones. Ken gave a detailed account of Knowle West’s rich history, stretching all the way back to its past as a Roman settlement in the 3rd Century.

The walking tour started with the history of the Knowle West Media Centre site where there used to be a health clinic built in the early days of the NHS in 1952. It was next door to what was colloquially known as the “fever hospital.”

The tour then moved on to Inns Court. Several churches have existed over the years on the site of Holy Cross Church at Inns Court and the current church was built in 1999. Though the building is new, an old bell and font from Temple Church, which was bombed during the Second World War, reside there.

Behind the church at Inns Court Ken showed us where parts of an old manor farmhouse are still visible. The farmhouse was subsequently used as a vicarage and later to house chickens. There was also another farm situated near the current site of the bus depot. In the old farmhouse there was a secret room revealed by a levered shelf in the larder – where it is claimed that Royalists hid from Roundheads during the Civil war in the 1640s.

The tour then visited Filwood Broadway where you can see a series of purpose built buildings from the 1950s, including Filwood Library, Filwood Social Club, and the swimming pool which closed in 2008. The old cinema that was first opened in 1938 is also on Filwood Broadway – some of the seats from which can now be found at the MShed museum.

Ken provided a comprehensive and, at times, surprising journey through the history of the area. He explained that “Knowle West” was invented as a postal address by the Post Office in the 1930s and the area’s official name is Filwood Park. “There’s no such place as Knowle West,” commented Ted, who is the caretaker at Holy Cross Church.

Participants found the walking tour very interesting and were interested in attending similar events in the future to hear more of Ken’s unrivalled local knowledge.

Thanks to Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives for working with us to organise the walk as part of their summer programme.


KWMC helps Filwood Get Fit

A community festival is coming to Knowle West – and it will support everyone to become more active, whatever their age and ability.

From 7th – 12th July, Knowle West Together, a group of local organisations including KWMC, will be running Filwood Gets Fit. The week will include some special activities, including the ‘Run to Knowle West’ on 8th July and a ‘Dot to Dot’ walk on 12th July. It will also celebrate the activities that are already happening in the BS4 area – from sports teams and walking groups to gardening and children’s clubs.  Many groups will be offering free or reduced-price ‘taster’ sessions.

Why should Filwood Get Fit?

Our physical health can have a big impact on our quality of life. According to the Council’s latest Quality of Life Survey (2012), levels of physical activity in Filwood are lower than the city average. The number of households with a smoker is higher than the city average too. We want to help to change that for the better – we hope that by doing something active we’ll all feel healthier and happier. 

For more information download the Filwood Gets Fit Programme or contact Rachel Clarke at Knowle West Media Centre.

Filwood Gets Fit logo

Residents help to ‘Make the Neighbourhood’

On Saturday 21st June sixty people came to our Make Your Neighbourhood event to see the exciting things happening in Knowle West – and join in.

Activities included designing signs for Knowle West, making things out of recycled materials, our mobile tattoo parlour collecting local tattoos and their stories, and making fresh apple juice with Re:Work‘s apple pressing machine. The clear favourite for many were the bike rides from local new business and all ability cycling hub A Ride in the Park. This business was supported by the Do What You Love programme.

The stall by Knowle West Health Association & Bramble Farm sold out of locally grown veg, while many noises of approval could be heard from people tasting bread baked by local business Bread Club. Other  highlights included the My Knowle West app and the future map of Jarmans, made by Joe Kelly, an Architecture and Planning student on a placement with us.

As part of Big Green Week we also conducted tours of the building, and everyone enjoyed finding out about the history of KWMC and the environmental aspects of our building.

Amanda Ramsay, who ran a stall at the event about Knowle West Futures, said: “We were really pleased. We spoke to lots of local people that we had not met before, and we signed up some new members to our group.”

We are also pleased that one of the local businesses recruited a new volunteer – and six people came along who had never taken part in an event like this before! Thanks to everyone who came, on what was a scorcher of a day. To find out about future events visit the Events section.

A video about the event will be up soon.

Tattoo arts project scratches the surface of South Bristol

A  tattoo parlour with a difference is about to open in Knowle West, Bristol –  instead of inking new tattoos it will digitally collect people’s pieces of body art and create an online gallery celebrating the strong tattoo culture in the neighbourhood.

The Mobile Tattoo Parlour will be open for business at 11am on Tuesday 10th June on Leinster Avenue, outside the Marked Up Tattoo Studio. Knowle West Media Centre is looking for ten local people to come ready to add their favourite tattoo to the online collection as part of the opening ceremony and press launch for a new project. If you would like to take part please contact Luke Gregg on 0117 903 0444 or email him at

The Mobile Parlour is a collaboration with digital agency Play Nicely and artists Stand & Stare – and is part of new project called ‘I Will Always Have You’. From Tuesday 10 June Knowle West residents can photograph their tattoos and upload the ‘tattoo selfies’ and their stories to  Some will feature in an interactive exhibition at KWMC in September this year.

I Will Always Have You’ offers an opportunity for people to share the memories, lost loves and tall tales that are etched into their tattoos. By gathering these stories, the project hopes to explore and better understand the growing popularity of tattoos across the UK and the richness of the tattoo culture of Knowle West.

Melissa Mean, Arts Producer at KWMC, said: “1 in 5 adults in Britain now have a tattoo[1] – by using our skin as a canvas we can become walking works of art. KWMC is looking forward to welcoming all sorts of people to the Mobile Parlour to share their experience of the creative act of tattooing. We’re scratching the surface of Knowle West and we’re excited about what we might find.”

Lucy Haywood, Artistic Director at Stand & Stare said: “We have already met some incredible people with amazing tattoos in Knowle West. One thing that has struck us is how, when people have multiple tattoos, they often become like a map of memories, indelible pictures that remind you of people, stories and who you are. We can’t wait to get the Mobile Parlour out on the road so we can meet loads more fascinating people and build up a better picture of why Knowle West Boys and Girls love their tattoos so much.”

Megan Hoyle, Studio Manager at Play Nicely, said: “We jumped at the opportunity to work on this campaign for a few reasons – but largely as it’s such an interesting use of Kinect technology. [With] the online tattoo cataloging system for everyone in Knowle West (at first) to easily submit their own tattoos and the resulting exhibition – it can only be a hugely original and revealing event.”

The Mobile Parlour will tour different locations around Knowle West from Tuesday 10 June. The Parlour will then be installed at Knowle West Media Centre from 1 July, where people can visit it over the summer.

For more details about I Will Always Have You contact Melissa Mean. For press enquiries contact Rachel Clarke.

[1] Metro: ‘ Why Britons love being inked’.

More information about the project coming soon.


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