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Change Creators: Inspire Week

The Change Creators Inspire week kicked off on Monday 22nd February with a full day of inspiring workshops and discussions. The Change Creators discussed core values and their interpretations of authentic leadership.

Day two began at Engine Shed and the theme for the day was the ‘State of the City’. Speakers from different organisations came to talk to the Change Creators and opened up a range of issues that the group may not have previously considered. Speakers from Citizens Advice, Happy City, 16-25 Independent People, Bristol Energy Coop, Easton Energy and Muslim Youth Helpline came to discuss the issues they are tackling and the positive work they’re doing in communities. The morning was inspiring and the Change Creators had lots to reflect on over lunch.

In the afternoon the team made their way over to the Arts Council England building, for a talk on how to apply for funding and how it works. The group also had the opportunity to sit down with Marvin Rees, who is running for Elected Mayor of Bristol this year, to discuss a range of issues in the city such as class divides, inequality, poverty, Bristol’s public transport and politics.

Day three took place solely at KWMC: The Factory, which is based in Filwood Green Business Park. Project ideas and prototyping were on the agenda for the morning and the group designed and made prototypes of products that could be used within their campaigns, working collaboratively as well as independently.

Day four saw the group at the Data Dome in At-Bristol. They viewed the space show and experienced the full effect of the 3D Planetarium. At the Pervasive Media Studio, which is managed by Watershed, the group received a talk from Carbon Visuals, which gave an insight into how you can visualise data and use it to tell a story and raise awareness of an issue.

The final day was spent at KWMC, where the Change Creators worked together to decide on the issues they want to tackle through their social change campaign. There were 35 issues in total and the group had to narrow it down to just two. Finally, after hours of discussion and brainstorming, the final issues chosen were, mental health and food waste. The next step? Research, planning and preparation.



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