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Johnny’s Journey

“My position as ‘Events Intern’ at KWMC has seen me filling a variety of different roles across many different projects. I have been afforded many opportunities in my time at the Media Centre. I have been able to learn extensively, both in areas new to me as well as enhancing my existing skills. Some of the most significant opportunities have been facilitating workshops with older people; applying research skills in new contexts; and having the opportunity to use and build on my photography experience.

KWMC offers young interns the possibility for creativity that I think is difficult to find anywhere else. Though my role didn’t strictly require it, I had many opportunities to be creative, taking thousands of photographs, making films, writing articles, and even busking. Something that really stood out for me is how supportive the environment at KWMC is, how so many are keen to help and pass on skills and how conducive this is to creativity. I have received training in many areas, including film-making and community journalism.

The Media Centre has also exposed me to a field and wider industry in a way that has allowed me gain a much better idea of the kind of roles I would like to take on in the future. I am especially inspired to be involved in local heritage and history projects and institutions in a way that allows me to use my media and events skills. But I’ve also been inspired to take on more creative projects and hope to do a lot more photography and film-making.

Overall working at KWMC is one of the best experiences I have had, not just in terms of a learning and advancement opportunity – I would argue that in this regard it’s probably more useful than an undergraduate degree course – but also in terms of personal fulfilment. I’ve enjoyed working here and have made friends here, relationships that I know will persist beyond my term as Events Intern. I am very grateful to have had this kind of significant and rare opportunity.”

Johnny Dadds was KWMC’s Events Intern from the summer of 2014 until February 2015.

During his time at KWMC Johnny was awarded a bursary from The Centre for Moving Image Research (CMIR) at the University of the West of England (UWE) to make a short film in response to the question ‘is the future green? His film ‘The Waste’ is part of the showreel below:

Sophie’s Journey

sophiedoodle“As KWMC’s Music Development Assistant I helped renovate the music studio, created a membership scheme, supported sessions like Creative Hub and XLR, worked in schools and developed graphic design resources including info-graphics about our data.

Through this role I have developed and improved skills in:
• Setting up and using a music studio
• Using Logic
• Working as a sound engineer
• Working as a graphic designer
• Facilitating workshops with young people

I have also learned how to interact with young people; before my internship
I wouldn’t have felt so confident in interacting with them, but now I know that I am able to support them if they need me. In the schools work, initially I felt out of my depth, but in one session I led an activity which made me realise that I can do it and so I now feel much more confident.

That’s a big thing that I’ve gained here is a lot of confidence in myself whereas before I didn’t really have any.

There’s big support here that’s really important: it’s like the Media Centre has become my extended family and I think that if I hadn’t had as much support as I’ve had I don’t think I would now have as much confidence in myself to do well now or in the future.”

Sophie Hosken-Taylor was KWMC’s Music Development Intern from the summer of 2014 until January 2015.

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