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Young coders win top award for the second year running

For the second year running young coders from Bristol have proved that they have the skills and potential to be the app developers of the future, as they brought home an award from a national coding competition.

This summer Knowle West Media Centre was again an official coding centre for the Festival of Code, ‘the world’s largest hackathon for young people’ organised by Young Rewired State. Young people aged 9-18 spent four days at KWMC from 27th-30th July, when they worked in small teams to create their own websites, apps, games and programmes using open data.  They were supported by a team of mentors, including tech experts from University of the West of England (UWE), University of Bristol, and Watershed.

On Friday 31st July some of the groups and their mentors traveled to Birmingham, along with students from other UK coding centres, to present their ideas to a panel of expert judges.

The team behind ‘Lines’ made it to the semi-finals of their category. The fast-paced puzzle game, produced by Matt Coleclough, Sam Cording and Ben Coleclough, was built using Python and ‘generates a sequence of tiles which map the paths of five lines’.  The coders explain: ‘the object of the game is to track one of these lines through as many stages as possible!’

The ‘Festable’ app not only made it through to the final for the Code category, but came away with the top honour as overall winners. Made by Jack Baron, Jago Brett, Theo Macdonald and Ben Gray, the web app and an iOS app was designed to help users ‘simplify their upcoming festivals’. The group described the app as matching ‘people with other users [who have] the same interests by allowing people to enter what bands and events they like.’

Three other apps were showcased at the Festival of Code: Project ARG by Alex, Mia, Jake and Roland; Sweetie Smash by Hester, Theo, Dylan and Ezra; and The Social Platformer by Ben, Callum, Tawona and Joel. See a full list of the projects presented here.

For more information about free coding activities for young people at KWMC during term-time please call 0117 903 0444.

Congratulations to all of the talented coders involved in the 2015 Festival of Code and big thanks to the fantastic mentoring team who gave their time and expertise to support them.

Here’s to next year!



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