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Sophie’s Journey

sophiedoodle“As KWMC’s Music Development Assistant I helped renovate the music studio, created a membership scheme, supported sessions like Creative Hub and XLR, worked in schools and developed graphic design resources including info-graphics about our data.

Through this role I have developed and improved skills in:
• Setting up and using a music studio
• Using Logic
• Working as a sound engineer
• Working as a graphic designer
• Facilitating workshops with young people

I have also learned how to interact with young people; before my internship
I wouldn’t have felt so confident in interacting with them, but now I know that I am able to support them if they need me. In the schools work, initially I felt out of my depth, but in one session I led an activity which made me realise that I can do it and so I now feel much more confident.

That’s a big thing that I’ve gained here is a lot of confidence in myself whereas before I didn’t really have any.

There’s big support here that’s really important: it’s like the Media Centre has become my extended family and I think that if I hadn’t had as much support as I’ve had I don’t think I would now have as much confidence in myself to do well now or in the future.”

Sophie Hosken-Taylor was KWMC’s Music Development Intern from the summer of 2014 until January 2015.

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