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You Decide

You Decide was a free digital tool designed to enable people to have a say in the decisions that affect them.

People tested using the app to:

Share thoughts and preferences about neighbourhood decisions.
Set up their own polls and share ideas with others.
Give feedback to the Council and local organisations.

There were four main categories within the app:

Council Polls: share your views about issues that affect the whole of Bristol
Council Surveys: tell the Council what you think in their latest surveys
People’s Ideas: submit your own ideas for change and vote on suggestions put forward by others
Neighbourhood Choices: have your say in decisions affecting your community, from practical matters to funding decisions (you will only be able to do this for decisions affecting your Neighbourhood Partnership area)

Submissions made through the app were passed on to relevant decision-making bodies and considered alongside feedback obtained through other means (such as questionnaires and consultation events).

Knowle West residents and young people using You Decide

YouDecide is one of five apps developed for the city through the IES Cities project. You can download all of them from the IES Cities Player on GooglePlay store using any Android device. IES Cities ran from 2013-2016, working in four cities in Italy, Spain and the UK to explore how people can use digital technologies and apps to identify and address issues in their area. You Decide was trialled in 2015-2016.


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