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Would Like To Meet (WLTM)

‘Would Like To Meet’ (WLTM) provided opportunities for practitioners to meet other like-minded people and forge new creative connections.

In April 2015, Bristol’s creative community gathered in the sunshine for a networking event with a difference: our very first WLTM session. Curators, performance artists, musicians and photographers gathered alongside sound designers, writers and educators (to name just a few) to meet each other and view a special live performance by artist Rachael Miles. Rachael performed a new work called FTSE 100, a wry biography presented through the structure of the index of the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In July we held the second WLTM event inviting all to take part in the Run to Knowle West challenge and participate in ‘The Ascent’, a new art experience made by CHAMP.

For the winter version everyone joined us for a special anti-Xmas party. The event included Tom Marshman’s performance ‘A Place in the Sun’ followed by an evening of conversation, sangria and, as always, a chance for people to meet their next creative collaborator.

In January 2016 we were joined by Bristol Hack Space, University of Bristol, the SPHERE project and KWMC’s Junior Digital Producers who all shared interactive exhibits and opened up conversations around our Citizen Sensing project. The event drew a great range of technologists, creatives and data analysts.

Would Like To Meet has developed into a regular Project Night for artists and creatives making work in a community context.  Find out more here.

WLTM: April

WLTM: December, The Anti Xmas Party. Photography by Ibolya Feher

WLTM: January, the Citizen Sensing special

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