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The (Virtual) Factory

Hello from The Factory! We’ve moved some of our activity online so you can continue to connect with us, access design resources and activities, and link up with other makers from home.

We are currently undergoing a major refurbishment and will be re-opening in Autumn 2021. In the meantime you will find resources here to inspire and support your making journey!

If you’d like to get in touch, email or call The Factory mobile on 07858 669 225.

You can also tweet images, tips or links to @kwmcthefactory. On Instagram, tag @kwmcthefactory. Make sure to use the hashtag #thevirtualfactory on either platform.

Inkscape Worksheets

Inkscape is a free, open source vector-based software program that we use in our Wednesday Members’ Open Access sessions, and our 2D design courses.

It can be used to create images, logos and digital files for use with equipment such as laser cutters, vinyl cutters and digital embroidery machines. For example, to create a shape to be engraved in wood, cut from acrylic or vinyl, or embroidered into fabric.

Vector designs are made up of a series of points that create a sort of ‘dot-to-dot’ of your shape or design, which can be followed by the machine. These designs can be scaled up or down without losing quality, unlike photo images, and can be freely edited or customised.

You can download Inkscape for free here.

We teach Inkscape in our introductory and beginner workshops, so we hope you won’t find it too difficult to navigate. Ideally we’d like to be able to support you in person, but we encourage you to have a go with the software and see where your creativity takes you.  When we’re open to the public again you could explore our courses and membership options to help you bring your designs to life…

Inkscape is a great tool for both beginners and professionals, and our worksheets will show you the ropes and take you through some simple starter activities to get you up and running. You can also find additional guidance and support online.

– Tools & Tips – Navigating Inkscape
– Draw and edit basic shapes worksheet
– Draw and edit stars and polygons worksheet
– Combine and cut out shapes worksheet
Create a border worksheet
– Use Trace Bitmap worksheet
– Joined up text worksheet
– Offset Path worksheet
– Add holes worksheet
– File Formatting for Laser Cutting worksheet


April 2021 – Content Confusion with Amy Morse

With so many different options and new platforms popping up all the time, the ever-changing world of digital marketing can be overwhelming. Where do you focus your attention? How do you get the best return on your investment? You can’t possibly master all of the different content marketing platforms effectively and still have time to run your actual business! In this talk and Q&A Session, Enterprise Mentor and Writer, Amy Morse, cuts through the hype to help you decide where to put your energies. We’ll compare and contrast the different Social Media and Content Marketing options so you can make the best use of your time and energy to grow your business.

September 2020 – Making the Difference: Filwood Fantastic Mini Golf

Continuing our  Making the Difference strand of talks, which focus on making as a tool of social change, we met up with local artist and general fun-maker Megan Clark-Bagnall as we explore her work on the Filwood Fantastic Mini Golf Club project which tee’d off during lockdown. As designated ClubHouse Manager, Meg has brought together a community of modern families, who have been working on creating their own mini golf holes inside their homes, sharing skills and celebrating the community of Filwood and Knowle West. Megan is joined by local carpenter Nic Marshall who has been tasked by re:work to create a real-life, full-sized mini golf course in the heart of Filwood Broadway. Nic will also be sharing how you can get involved in this construction.

July 2020 – Making the Difference: Human and Community-Centred Design

Collaborative designer Lisa Cole discusses her project Show Some Love, designed to tackle waste on Stapleton Road, Bristol by inspiring local pride. Conceptual artist Claudia Collins shares the story of her lockdown projects ‘Knowle West beaches’ and ‘Kindness rocks’, which aim to bring creativity and community spirit to local streets in a time of uncertainty and isolation.

June 2020 – Making the Difference: Coronavirus Response

Watch the recording of our June INSPIRE Talk here to hear from Bristol makers who have co-ordinated small armies of volunteers to produce PPE and medical devices using 3D printers, pop-up factories and crowdfunding campaigns.

Image by Josh Forwood courtesy of Hack the Pandemic

April 2020 – PositiveNegativePositive

Join Factory Technician Fiona in conversation with Walter and Paul of Walter Jack Studios, discussing our joint programme PositiveNegativePositive.

Online Tutorials

Join Fiona as she guides us through makes using simple materials and processes you can try at home:

Scrunchie Tutorial

Follow these simple steps and make your own scrunchie using fabric offcuts.

Face mask Tutorial

During the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask is a simple way to reduce the likelihood of touching your face during food shopping or essential travel, and it could help to catch your coughs and sneezes. Please note that these aren’t medical grade face masks and they aren’t a substitute for ‘social distancing’ (staying at least 2 meters apart from people who aren’t in your household when you do need to go outside).

Colour, Pattern, Surface Course

Making Together Taster Day (Sat February 22nd)

Filwood Fantastic: Meeting Room Makeover

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