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Slow the Smoke

Air pollution is a big concern in Bristol and the Ashley ward is no exception. An increase in people using woodburners to heat their homes has motivated a novel research project by Bristol City Council, supported by Knowle West Media Centre and University of West of England. It was data driven and citizen focused

As part of the project, KWMC commissioned artist Miriam Quick of Loud Numbers to create a music track that turns local air quality data into sound, featuring Bristol artist T. Relly.

Watch the video: Bristol Burning

Check Air Pollution where you live. 

Listen to the track: Bristol Burning

Watch our film about the project

Watch the extended film about the project


Citizen scientists 

In October 2021 10 Citizen scientists were recruited in the Ashley ward and they built their own low cost DIY air quality sensors

The sensors were installed at their homes.

The Citizen scientists were now part of an international community of people sensing air quality where they live. The data from these sensors are...

Engagement with the community of Ashley

We held 2 workshops over the summer in 2022 with the wider community in Ashley. One of the workshops was focused on families in St. Paul’s in partnership with local organisation Play Wooden CIC. The other workshop was aimed at residents in St. Werburgh’s. 

During the workshops, we informed people about the air quality data findings,...

Artist blog: Miriam Quick

I was honoured to be commissioned to transform the Slow the Smoke data into an artwork. While in my day job, I write data stories and help create charts and graphics, I enjoy exploring more unusual ways of working with data. My creative studio I have with Duncan Geere, Loud Numbers, uses a technique called data...

Bristol Burning – a Sonic artwork about air pollution in St. Paul’s, Bristol. How the track was made.

KWMC commissioned an artist and composer, Miriam Quick to create a sonic artwork as a response to the data collected from the low cost DIY air quality sensors. Miriam analysed the data and used a process called sonification to convert data into sound to compose the music to Bristol Burning -...

Explaining air pollution to young people, through game design: Minecraft

Young people designed solutions to air pollution through a game, Minecraft.  Collectively the group took actions to reduce the air pollution levels within the game world. By embedding the map of St. Paul’s and St. Werburgh’s within the game, they considered better solutions to transport, heating our homes and urban design.    

Participants at the Minecraft workshops in October 2022 Participants at the...

Showcase event 

Slow the Smoke had a final event and showcase on Bonfire Night, 5 November 2022 in Bristol, where we showcased all the findings from the Slow the Smoke project through data, citizen science, community voices and art. An exhibition showcasing the different data narratives as interpreted by the community, gave visitors an insight into the project.  

The highlight of the evening...

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