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Retrofit Reimagined 2023

On the 6th of October, We Can Make and KWMC came together to host Retrofit Reimagined. This event was a vibrant celebration of the boundless creativity and collective spirit of our community. It was a part of the national Retrofit Reimagined Festival organised by CIVIC SQUARE  as a celebration of community energy, and an invitation to come together to reimagine how our neighbourhoods might be “retrofitted” and adapted to meet the growing challenges we face. Throughout the event, participants engaged in discussions, hands-on workshops, and walks across both of our sites, culminating in a shared feast.

Our neighbourhood is a living demonstrator, showing how change can happen from the bottom up, and Retrofit Reimagined inspired fresh approaches to community development and retrofitting while fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Following on, WeCanMake and KWMC are looking for Knowle West neighbours for the people-powered ‘Retrofit Street’ project, inviting residents to share ideas about how their homes could be improved for people and the planet and to get involved in making it happen.

We’ll be hosting regular trade schools where you can get creative – the first will be on 6th December at KWMC.

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Retrofit Reimagined 2023

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