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How could new technology in our streets and homes benefit our communities?

The REPLICATE Project, a five-year European pilot project, has brought together Bristol, San Sebastian and Florence to explore this question. The work of the Bristol pilot aims to improve quality of life in the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill area by working with people to  explore how technology could help to tackle issues.

Specifically, it aims to help people save money on their energy bills, explore new ways of travelling around, and reduce energy use and demand, and our impact on the environment.

REPLICATE stands for REnaissance in PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnology.

What’s happening?

The project has three themes:

Smart Homes: some homes will be able to try internet-connected appliances like ‘smart’ fridges and washing machines, low energy LED lighting and solar panels.  The project will also be exploring how homes and businesses could generate and share energy within their local area as part of a ‘smart grid’, to reduce demand at peak times.

Smart Streets: people can trial new ways of getting around, including an electric bike scheme, an electric car club and an electric taxi bus. These transport options will be brought together in travel apps to give people more ways to get around and make it easier for drivers to find a local parking space.

Created By UsREPLICATE will be exploring fun and creative ways to tackle other issues identified by the community, such as poor air quality and damp homes. You can get involved in community events and workshops, share your ideas, and work with others to come up with solutions.

What’s our role?

The REPLICATE Project is a project of many partners and we’re supporting them to collaborate with local organisations, volunteers and residents to ensure the project benefits as many people as possible and that local knowledge is recognised and valued. We have worked in communities for over 20 years and recently worked with organisations and residents in Easton on the Damp Busters pilot, which explored solutions to the problem of damp homes.

We’re also leading the activities of the ‘Created By Us’ theme, which will use the process of The Bristol Approach. We will be working with organisations, groups and the wider community to identify other issues in their area and relevant digital technologies that could be used to tackle them.

More information

For more information visit the REPLICATE Project website, fill in the interest form, or sign up to the e-bulletin.

Bristol partners include Bristol City Council, University of Bristol, University West of England, NEC, Co-Wheels, Esoterix, Route Monkey, Zeetta Networks, Bristol Is Open and Toshiba.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691735.

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