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ParCos (Participatory Communication of Science)

A collaborative research project exploring how we communicate and understand science stories.

ParCos (Participatory Communication of Science) is a three-year EU funded project that will support people to collect scientific data and interpret and communicate it themselves through a range of practical citizen science activities. It will also explore the issue of misinformation and how scientific data and research can sometimes be distorted or misrepresented when it is shared.

KWMC is working with the project partners to develop ‘The Bristol Approach to Citizen Science’, a methodology based on our work on The Bristol Approach, which will be used in three citizen science pilot studies in Belgium, Finland and the UK (Bristol).

The Bristol pilot will work with people in Knowle West and will begin in autumn 2020.

As part of ParCos, the KWMC team are also leading an activity to develop Principles for Diversity and Inclusion to guide the pilot studies.

Watch this space for more information or contact a member of the team.

Image by Ibolya Feher

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