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Media Hothouse

Media Hothouse was an eight-month pilot project for young people, encouraging entrepreneurial activity, skills development, collaboration and progression into social enterprise and employment.

During Media Hothouse, which took place in 2010, twenty-one young people developed business and communication skills and had access to bursaries, mentoring and peer-to-peer support.

Eight young people received financial bursaries to support them in getting their business ideas off the ground. Chanel Carter set up ‘Little Bits & Allsorts’, a recycled clothing business; Lauren Hunt established the ‘People’s Portrait Studio’ and Matthew Lyne developed ‘Backpack Recording Studio.’  Other young people accessed apprenticeships and employment opportunities or undertook further training in their chosen field.

Following Media Hothouse, we were able to build on the outcomes of the project in subsequent, longer-term project work. The Curating Activism programme has offered further opportunities for young people to develop networks, confidence and presentation skills. ELEBCIS has explored the barriers that prevent young people from entering the creative industries.

Media Hothouse also highlighted the need for a flexible and responsive approach, whereby young people’s existing practice is the starting point, rather than any formula for setting up a business.



“The experience has been key to my development within the media industry.”
Sam, Bursary holder

“Media Hothouse enabled me to be a part of a collective project that has allowed me to discover the benefits of working with various media practitioners and potential avenues, who I would not have considered prior to this.”
Matthew, Bursary holder

“The involvement with Media Hothouse has been mutually beneficial. It’s been an excellent opportunity for us to connect with young people in Bristol, and hear their thoughts and views on the work we’re doing.”
Victoria Tillotson: iShed Producer, Watershed

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