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Lost & Found

The urban street layout of Knowle West can make it a very tricky place to navigate.

There is a limited variation in the housing of Knowle West – with this in mind KWMC is collecting and collating the community’s practical, experiential and common knowledge of the neighbourhood to create a new way-finding system.

Using a creative mix of physical and digital tools and interventions, Lost & Found has developed and tested new approaches that bring together personal navigation, place, identity, and human behaviour through workshops and activities with our collaborators Ludic Rooms and We Made That.

The aim is to develop a way-­finding system that integrates play, curiosity, sociability and serendipity with everyday usefulness.

The Bureau of Interesting Stories

At the ‘Make Your Neighbourhood’ event there was a great turn out at the Lost & Found placard making stall. We were encouraging the community to tell us all about the neighbourhood. There were some delights, hidden treasures and tall tales revealed from all over the area.

We will be using our in-house laser cutter, courtesy of Fiona Dowling, to produce these placards and place them on the streets where the events took place, creating a localised way-finding system comprised of  residents’ stories.

We are still looking for more stories to be told: whether a fleeting moment, a localised myth or a loving memory we want to hear from you! Go to the website PlaqForm and let us know.


Make Your Neighbourhood event, 21st June 2014

One Day in Knowle West

What does Knowle West have that nowhere else does?

From Costcutters to The Northern Slopes to the colloquial accent of Knowle West, our search has had some unusual answers. Together with We Made That, KWMC have been investigating what is unique to the neighbourhood, with the help of local school children. Within the workshops of One Day in Knowle West we have made artsy-crafty outfits and street layouts that integrate the individuality and distinctive attributes of the area to help create the way-finding system for the project.

One Day In Knowle West

GPS Walking Days

Using GPS devices, Ludic Rooms and KWMC have been exploring the neighbourhood of Knowle West with children, teenagers, parents and walking groups to map the areas that they find interesting.

Examining the pre-existing way-finding systems and signage around the area we see there is room for improvement…

The GPS devices (Global Positioning System Device) use space-based satellites to help to navigate, locate and track. The place a marker for location and time every couple of seconds and then joins up the dots. Utilising this information we will divulge the most frequently trodden path ways finding areas of curiosity and significance and in these places we will create public art interventions.

GPS Walking Days

GPS Walking Days

The Run to Knowle West

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