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Edible Landscapes Movement (ELM)

Using digital media to support local food production and procurement and encourage increased health, wellbeing and skill building.

The Edible Landscapes Movement (ELM) was made up of food producers, gardeners, makers and buyers based in Knowle West. Some of the ELM producers grew fruit and veg and raise animals in urban spaces and unused local gardens – the produce was then sold back to the community and local cafes.

KWMC supported the producers and buyers to use mobile phones and the app ‘My Knowle West‘ to create digital photo feeds to share the story of the food production locally, attract custom and promote healthy living across the city.

ELM received numerous awards, including a 2013 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ award at Level 4: ‘Thriving’.

Andy’s story

“Before ELM (the Edible Landscapes Movement) and the polytunnel I was on the dole, sat at home, vegetating, bored silly. Now I work with volunteers and encourage them into organic gardening. The app we use is really useful to share knowledge about what we do and to shows other people how to grow things from seed to...

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Knowle West Media Centre
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