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Data Patchwork

Strengthening the fabric of our community by bringing information to life.

From 2013-2014, KWMC Junior Digital Producers embarked on a project to make data more accessible. They set out to create a single place where people could access information about Knowle West, creating interactive games to collect information and use art to explore the findings.


The Data Patchwork project had three stages. The first stage was to code an online survey – with a twist. The group felt that traditional surveys could be boring and time consuming, so they decided to incorporate illustrations and games.  You can see it below and at

Living Living Room

The group were conscious that not everyone would be able to access the online survey, so the second stage was to create an interactive way for people to answer the questions. In March 2014 they brought the survey to life in The Living Living Room – a 3D gaming room where residents could answer the questions by interacting with eight full-size pieces of cardboard furniture including a bookcase, TV set and grandfather clock. The objects were connected to sensors and laptop computers: when people moved and played with them, their answers to the survey questions were recorded.


The Living Living Room launch

The Living Living Room

Information Station

The final stage was the creation of the Information Station. Using the information collected from the online survey and Living Living Room, the group create a website and animations where the data gathered was displayed and updated in real time.

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