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Data Patchwork

Strengthening the fabric of our community by bringing information to life.

We’re working on making data more accessible: we want a single place where we can access information about our community, but spreadsheets and pie charts aren’t always particularly interesting or helpful. We’ve decided to create interactive games to collect information and use art to explore the findings.

Data Patchwork has three stages. The first stage is to code an online survey – with a twist. Surveys can be boring and time consuming, so we’ve created drawings and fun games. See the results so far (we still have more coming in from our cardboard living room) and scroll down to do the survey:

Online Survey Game

As your view above is restricted, you can see the full version at

The second stage is an art installation with a difference. We’ve created The Living Living Room. This isn’t any old living room, this is a touring living room made entirely from cardboard! The whole room is interactive, meaning you can play digital games with the furniture. You have to catch it while you can; it will be touring four locations in Knowle West during the first week of March. It will be available to play at Knowle West Media Centre from Monday 10th – Friday 14th March.

The Living Living Room launch

The Living Living Room

The final stage is the creation of the Information Station. Using the information collected from the online survey and installation, we’ll create fun animations that will help to explain aspects of community life. The station will also hold a number of other widgets about projects happening around Knowle West.

Ultimately this project is about making local information more useful for people in everyday life. For example: have you ever been stuck indoors on a rainy day bored with nothing to do? The Information Station will hold animated weather widgets which will include a list of things to do on any given day in our community based on the day’s weather.

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