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Curating Activism

Exploring how data and technology can be used within the arts to enable young people to create a positive impact in their community.

KWMC developed Curating Activism on the basis of learning from previous projects such as Media Hothouse, Truth About Youth and ELEBCIS. A range of workshops, projects and programmes took place under the Curating Activism banner, examples of which are listed below:

Quality of Life Project (May – July 2013)

Nine trainees recruited from three catchment areas around Bristol developed skills in film making, web design, live event management and producing a live radio program. They chose to focus their project around “Quality of Life” and held an event at Trinity Centre to share their findings and inspiration.

They chose to focus “Quality of Life” in order to: “inform people about what ‘Quality of Life’ is and demonstrate how a good one is widely achievable, in fun and interesting ways. We want to improve the understanding of what a good ‘quality of life’ is by sharing knowledge on food, creativity, spirituality, health and exercise. We want to make a change in our community and the world, and inspire you to do the same.”

Camp Kinnect (August 2013)

A week of free workshops for 16-25 year olds, designed to teach innovative technology and its relevance to arts, and data projects.

The Junior Digital Producers (2013, 2014, 2015)

We recruited three cohorts of Junior Digital Producers (JDPs) to work on a variety of KWMC projects that aimed to make technology and data more engaging, accessible and understandable to the community.

Quality of Life project

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