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Bristol Healthy Office

Healthy Office allows users to record and monitor their wellbeing indicators while at work.

Healthy Office was created through the collaborative EU project IES Cities and it enables people to record their mood and stress levels whilst at work.

The app was tested by organisations to monitor the working environment they provide and the mood of their staff. Correlations can be drawn between staff mood and environmental stress factors, showing organisations where they do well and what they need to improve in order to maintain good wellbeing at work.

Healthy Office was also used by individual employees to track their own mood and wellbeing at work. It can be used in a preventative way, to highlight potential stress factors and support staff to be proactive with managing their wellbeing.

Healthy Office is one of five apps developed for the city through the IES Cities project. IES Cities ran from 2013-2016, working in four cities in Italy, Spain and the UK to explore how people can use digital technologies and apps to identify and address issues in their area.


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