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From Her Point Of View

From Her P.O.V. is a professional training and development programme for women looking to make a career in film and TV.

Women are massively under-represented in many areas of film and video production. A 2012 report from The BFI showed that women made up just 11.4% of directors and 16.1% of writers of the 372 UK independent films released in the UK territory in 2010-2012. In UK-USA studio titles released in the same period, women made up just 6.7% of directors and 4.9% of writers.

Statistics gathered by the New York Film Academy suggest that, in 2012, women comprised just 7% of directors, 13% of writers and only 27% of producers. Women accounted for a shockingly low 9% of all cinematographers and just 18% of editors.

It’s time to change the lens and see things from a new perspective…

We are delighted to have received funding from Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery funds, to deliver a three-month training programme for women from January 2017.


From Her Point of View is in full swing: from January to April 2017 14 women will receive the support and opportunity to make a film.  The programme includes practical training workshops, talks from keynote speakers, industry visits and networking opportunities. Workshops include:

– Ideas development
– Scriptwriting
– Visual storytelling and directing
– Camera and lighting
– Sound recording
– Working with actors
– 2D Animation
– Production Design / Art Direction
– Puppetry and SFX
– Virtual Reality

The 14 participants have formed 2 production crews and are currently developing ideas for their films. Upon completion, the films will be screened as part of a city-wide event curated by Bristol Film Festival, celebrating women’s contribution to cinema.

In addition to the training support, each crew will receive a financial bursary and support worth over £4,000. This will include a studio space to shoot in, access to our digital manufacturing space KWMC: The Factory to help with production design, and access to post production facilities for editing, sound mixing and colour grade. As part of the bursary each participant will also receive 1:1 project mentoring, insurance and use of KWMC’s cameras, lights and sound recording equipment.

Each crew will also have access to £1,000 to spend on other areas of production such as hiring actors, props, costume, make-up, catering and additional equipment hire if required.  

The women involved are all aged 18+ and new entrants to the film industry. By ‘new entrant’ we mean they haven’t been working full time professionally in a paid role in film or TV for more than 1 year. However, if you have previously worked professionally in film or TV but have had an extended break from work of 4 years or more you are welcome to apply.

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