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We Can Make


We Can Make good homes,

We Can Make local jobs,

We Can Make space for nature,

We Can Make social infrastructure,

We Can Make community wealth,

We Can Make a thriving neighbourhood.


How does ‘We Can Make’ work?

We Can Make uses an asset-based approach to re-imagine “how to do housing” differently. It starts with the know-how and resources the community already has, and uses a process of creative co-design to work with people to develop the tools to do housing on their terms.

These are the vital ingredients of the We Can Make approach:

We start with people. It’s opt-in densification – an elder may wish to downsize but stay in their community, or a family may be experiencing over-crowding.

The community sets the rules for what gets built through a Community Design Code, making it easier for people to navigate a complicated planning system, ensures homes are high-quality and add character to the neighbourhood.

Build for community infrastructure and benefit. When a family opts-in, the micro-site is transferred to our Community Land Trust. Transfer and planning permission is conditional on community ownership and fixing the rent at Living Rent. This represents a new supply of land exclusively for community-led homes.

We localise and de-carbonise the production of the homes using modular construction systems. The parts are made in our community fabrication space, KWMC The Factory, growing local jobs, skills and community wealth.

Unlocking micro-sites creates a new way for people and communities to make the homes they need, and in the process unlocks ways to help make a thriving neighbourhood.

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Knowle West Media Centre
Leinster Avenue
Knowle West
+44 (0) 117 903 0444

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