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The Forgotten Toys Compendium

The Forgotten Toys Compendium¬†invited people¬†on a journey of social archaeology to repurpose the playable gems hidden among dusty piles of forgotten ‚Äújunk‚ÄĚ.

What’s lurking at the back of your shed? What’s gathering dust in your attic? Broken…bits missing…going rusty?

Using play, storytelling and art, re-discovered artefacts (from rusty bike wheels and old sledges to dusty console controllers and forgotten Furbies) were remixed and reborn as new participatory games. 

The project¬†was a collaboration between KWMC and Ludic Rooms¬†for the Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme. It was commissioned for the Neighbourhood Partnership area of Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill, inviting people to see “junk” in a different way by tapping into the shared experiences of play¬†across different generations and cultures. The project aimed to promote the re-use of existing objects, materials and landscapes and the positive occupation of public space within the local area, as well as encouraging cross-generational conversations about how we value material goods.

Our toy trike took to the streets of Knowle West in search of toys, games and stories. We then ran a number of free public events and workshops where members of the public could work with artists and technologists to give new life to the old and broken toys by repurposing them and transforming them into new games. We held a toy hacking session for families at Knowle West Festival on Filwood Broadway, and several afternoons at our digital making space KWMC: The Factory.

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