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Change Creators: XLR Collective Rehearsal

This week the group sat down and talked through what we have all been doing the past week. We also had a small brief about how life coaching will work and our commitment to it. The group also did a value excise where each member wrote down 1. what they value about themselves/ what they think they are good at and 2. what they value about the person sitting next to them to the right. So we each went round and said out loud what we had written and gave the other person the sticky note to keep. The idea was to get us to pin point what we feel we are good at and to think how we can use that more for this project. It was also a nice reminder to each other that we all appreciate the talents that each individual in the group has.

With the other half of the session the group recorded draft versions of our songs so we have references for when we record them properly. Also the two members of the group who produce sat down and shared their work with the vocalists and got some ideas going ready to record on Friday.

Written by Olivia Sully-Karlis

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