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Social Media Training

Knowle West Media Centre offers a range of social media training options that can be tailored to meet your needs.  

We have been using technology in our work in communities for over 20 years; we know that small organisations and enterprises often have limited time to explore the fast-moving world of social media.

Our introductory social media training course supports beginners get up to speed with Facebook and Twitter and learn how to develop engaging social media profiles that will help their organisation to reach more people. 

We support people at intermediate level (with some existing experience of social media) to reflect on the quality, timing and effectiveness of their current social media output and how to to avoid some of the common pitfalls.  

Introduction to Social Media (Half day training)

Has your organisation embraced social media and you need to get up to speed? Are you getting lost in hashtags and @ symbols? Join Knowle West Media Centre to learn more about Twitter and Facebook – and develop engaging profiles for your organisation that will help you reach more people.

Please note: this course assumes that you have some understanding of the basics of Facebook and Twitter (perhaps thorough personal use) but you are new to using social media for work.

Good Practice in Social Media (Half day training)

This interactive session will support you to reflect on the things your organisation shares on social media – updates, chitchat, sales pitches – and help you deal with problems that could crop up. As well as providing some guiding principles, the course will illustrate how enjoyable using social media can be!

Please note: this course is designed for people with some experience of using social media for work who would like to improve their confidence and expand their skill base.

What do people say about our training?

‘We were delighted to work in partnership with Rachel [KWMC Communications Officer] to deliver social media training, which has enabled eight Hartcliffe community leaders to take invaluable skills back to their groups. Rachel was flexible in planning the training to suit varying needs of the group. She was a clear, helpful, excellent trainer and we all got a lot out of the session.’

(Social Media training, bespoke course)

To find out more, obtain a quote or organise a bespoke session for your organisation please contact us on 0117 903 0444.

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