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Karron’s KWMC20 Story

When did you first come to Knowle West Media Centre and what did you do?

When I joined the walking group, just before the new building went up. I was a walk leader and [another walk leader] introduced me to the Media Centre as they needed trustees, but I already knew everyone because we were based in William Budd [Health Centre], as the Walking Way to Health group office was there.

How do you think KWMC has changed during the time you’ve known us?

It’s more known locally and city-wide. People understand the Media Centre more, for a long time people didn’t understand and people used to ask ‘what do they do up there?’ – though sometimes I still don’t know everything that happens. It used to be mainly for young people and photography, but now [there are] more activities and for all ages, the horizons have widened: directors sharing what we do abroad, more interest in what we do from outside the country. It’s more open to the community and what the community wants, like computer classes for older ones, more community involved in events about all different things.

Has KWMC made a difference to you?

Getting to know community projects and I’m one of the lucky trustees ‘cus I can get involved more than the ones [who] work can. I’ve got to run the Silverscreen [film] club and it’s a chance to let people know what’s going on. Others come and give talks and it keeps people informed about [things like] bills, dementia, health. It’s given me more knowledge of what technology is about and not to be frightened of technology. I wouldn’t have had a computer if it wasn’t for the Media Centre. I use emails and Google. I’ve got to try new things I wouldn’t have done before.

What other difference has KWMC made?

For the kids, it gives them things to do: media, music and they get to create stuff. Because of the film club I know some of the older people who go to the computer club, they now know how to use computers and learn not to be frightened of technology: taking photos, using the computers to save edit and print them.

What are your favourite KWMC memories?

Going on [the boat] The Balmoral. We did a team building session, as trustees we got to know the team and understand what everyone does. Watching the new building go up, because I used to use William Budd clinic with my children. We did an event with Silverscreen [where] we had some photographers come from the Media Centre – the Truth About Youth project [with The Prince’s Trust], and we dressed up in fancy dress – hats feathers jackets etc – and we got some lovely photos. We had fun and also it was for the young people’s group to practice their new photography skills, and for us all to meet and connect with people of different ages. The young ones loved how much the older people got into it and had fun with it. It’s also nice for people to have those pictures as memories of the day.

We also did an event, mapping out the area, and enabled people to talk to new people sharing their memories and stories about the area. We also all enjoyed the interactive fridge coming and putting the balls in [to the fridge] based on the questions. For me, the best thing was seeing different ages interact and find out about what each other are doing.

I also remember when I made a DVD with [KWMC Digital Skills Trainer] Martin. We did a workshop where we had to bring in photos and plan the whole thing. I made a digital story called Life Changes. I did the illustrations myself too. I made it about smoking because my sisters had cancer. Martin played the harp for my story. I still have that now.

Karron Chaplin, Knowle West resident & KWMC Trustee
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