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Davina’s KWMC20 Story

When did you first come to Knowle West Media Centre and what did you do?

I was 14 and involved in Archimedia from beginning to end.

How do you think KWMC has changed during the time you’ve known us?

KWMC has changed in appearance, staff, grown in size and impact and all for the better. From beginning to end KWMC have achieved amazing things.

Has KWMC made a difference to you?

YES!! Being involved in something so important and critical to the build of the Media Centre gave me a sense of purpose and belonging. It was a safe environment, free from judgement and I was able to grow physically and mentally. I strongly believe that KWMC helped to be come who I am now during those core years of my adolescence. It helped me mould my career, create opportunities and open doors. There has always been a helping hand from KWMC and I am eternally grateful for the time invested in me and my community.

What other difference has KWMC made?

KWMC has put media opportunities for our community on the map. It has challenged stereotypes and encouraged communities to work together. It’s been able to challenge and change perception[s] of the expectations of those in the community and encourage those to have aspirations to better themselves through such things [as] youth groups, IT sessions, music and film events, economical education such as growing your own vegetables and how to keep track on electricity. KWMC understands that Knowle West is a deprived area and they want to help in any way they can. The community need to support them instead of seeing a pretty building and feeling intimidated. I think KWMC should just keep on doing what they’re doing and eventually the whole community will have their backing.

What are your favourite KWMC memories?

Archimedia from start to finish. Fashionate. Arts exhibitions. Media and music events. Also, my employment with KWMC meant that I worked with some of the most friendly and caring individuals who, although they don’t realise it, helped me to challenge my perception of others and be more open minded.

Davina Froom, Knowle West resident
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