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Chris’ KWMC20 Story

When did you first come to Knowle West Media Centre and what did you do?

I first came into contact with the Media Centre through the Knowle West youth club in my mid teens. I began by attending little filmmakers nights and even made a small video at the Knowle West Health Park which was a very embarrassing parody of Men In Black! I was bullied throughout almost all of my school life, so in my later teens when it got so bad I refused to return to school, Carolyn [Hassan] and KWMC were able to step in and place me on extended work experience with them, where I began learning film editing and how to use several media packages in a professional environment such as Flash and Final Cut.

How do you think KWMC has changed during the time you’ve known us?

It’s changed massively. When I first got involved with the project it was a small office in an old doctor’s surgery, now it has its own centre and has expanded massively.

Has KWMC made a difference to you?

It has, it pulled me out of an awful situation, it helped me build my confidence and meet new people. It was also a stepping stone in to the media world which I found myself in later in life.

What other difference has KWMC made?

It’s been a while since I was really involved with KWMC, but when I was there KWMC was always involved in community projects. I remember SafeRoutes in particular which focused on bringing hazards and dangers to the council’s attention along several routes through Knowle West.

What are your favourite KWMC memories?

I have many fond moments with KWMC, from my first time on a film set to boring poor Sandra [Youth Media Worker] to death recounting episodes of Dragon Ball Z! I certainly remember a trip to London to meet and look at another media group, I experienced my first time on a tube train and my very first Wagamamas meal! But I would say my favourite memory was hosting and entertaining a group of guests from Japan who didn’t speak much English, which was not only a real confidence booster for me, but also an extremely fun day! These and many other memories will stick with me forever, so thank you to Carolyn and KWMC for giving me that opportunity.

Chris Foster
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