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Carol’s KWMC20 Story

How were you involved with KWMC?

[Knowle West Health Association] were involved because we set the project up many moons ago, from Filwood Community Centre, with a little small darkroom that [Carolyn Hassan] was actually based in.  At the time we didn’t think it was going to take off because it was around media.

Why didn’t you think it was going to take off?

Because years ago that wasn’t, for some people, an activity that they would normally have done. One: because they couldn’t afford a camera and two: even now when I look back on some old photographs of the family it was very rare…Some families haven’t got photographs because it wasn’t something that was a known thing within Knowle West.

How do you think KWMC changed?

It’s changed huge – absolutely huge.  The involvement it brings to the community, the amount of people that gets into photography and different activities now – and it’s of all ages, which is really good.  The cinema side of stuff – when the older ones come up and watch the cinema club.  It’s changed absolutely huge […] It’s developed hugely on the estate and has brought a lot of different technology to local people, which is great.

But it’s also good, the fact that there’s past stuff that the next generation probably wouldn’t have got to see … We’ve got the photographs of the old cinema, within, so there’s a lot of generations that would never have known that was a cinema.  So, it’s those types of things…that the Media Centre has brought to the local community.

What do you think the impact has been?

The impact for the community has been great.  I just think it has brought so much technology for the youngsters.  It’s given the youngsters of this estate skills, probably they would have never been able to do.

What’s your favourite memory?  Do you have a memory that stands out?

The old carnivals when you used to go round and take all the photographs of the carnival.  We’ve got some of those photographs. They’re really good.  You see some of those now: some of [the people] have passed on, some of them are now adults who have got children of their own.  It’s great looking back on some of those old photographs of the carnival and the estate: of how much the estate has actually changed over the years.

Carol Casey, Knowle West Health Association, collaborator in the 1996 photography project that developed into Knowle West Media Centre
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