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Bob’s KWMC20 Story

When did you first come to Knowle West Media Centre and what did you do?

About five or six years ago I went to the University of Local Knowledge (ULK) event on Filwood green and did an interview for a film. Then I went to the AGM and was so impressed by everything that was going on.

How do you think KWMC has changed during the time you’ve known us?

It’s come a long way since when it started as a photography project. They keep up with the modern living, how tech is changing the world. They help young people get involved with new technology and open up people’s eyes to things you can do using media and technology…it’s the place you come to learn about that. I’m always amazed when I come and visit and talk to the young people’s groups about what they are doing.

Has KWMC made a difference to you?

I’m more involved in the community and more aware of what’s possible and I talk to more and different people.

What other difference has KWMC made?

Staff and [the other] trustees are very approachable and do a great job and the work’s changing people’s lives. There is so much going on and it’s pioneering – and you need that in Knowle West to make people aware of what’s happening in the world. There’s great people with great skills working there helping people learn abut the possibilities in the future. The fridge [made by] the Junior [Digital] Producers is a great example of that. And the film they showed at mShed made with the young people – it was so professional.

What are your favourite KWMC memories?

George Gallop and his exhibition, Sporting Memories and SPHERE. There is always so much going on and the management are superb. I enjoy looking back at the past remembering all the celebrities in the area and their stories – and getting involved in SPHERE, about the future and improving health with technology.  I love to go here.

Bob Fisher, Knowle West resident & KWMC Trustee
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