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Annie’s KWMC20 Story

When did you first come to Knowle West Media Centre and what did you do?

I was working at the [Knowle West] Health Park 2002 – 2005 and was involved with KWMC during that period mostly, but I’m still in touch now, even though I’m retired. My job was Project Manager for a community and public art project that was intended to use the arts to deliver messages about health and well-being to Knowle West residents.

How do you think KWMC has changed during the time you’ve known us?

When I first came to KW the Media Centre was in the old Dr’s surgery.  I was a witness and sometime participant to the fundraising, architect research and selection and the beginning of the new build.  So it’s changed enormously!

Has KWMC made a difference to you?

KWMC has always had a strong influence on my practice as an artist because of the spirit of research and enquiry that underpins everything that happens there.  Also very important is the way the Media Centre strives to make everything they do accessible to the KW community, and giving young people a stake in the success of the project.

What other difference has KWMC made?

KWMC has been an innovator in the city for green neighbourhoods and sustainable buildings, and it has become a hub for creativity and innovation in Bristol.  If I want to know about new developments in the arts and media, or if I need inspiration, I go to a talk, workshop or exhibition at KWMC!

What are your favourite KWMC memories?

These are mostly to do with the people I have met there and the spirit of creativity that underpins everything that they do, but also watching the project grow from very humble beginnings to the thriving resource that it is today.

Annie Beardsley, artist
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