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What Takes Hold

29/04/2015 - 01/09/2015
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

It investigates what happens below the surface and just around the corner in places and communities that are generally considered not at “the centre of things”- geographically, socially or economically.

Perceptions of Knowle West in the media, and among other outsiders, have sometimes focused on stereotyped understandings of ‘issues’ and ‘problems’. For this commission I chose to engage and interact with the community of Knowle West with a silent mind, without preconceptions to create an authentic record of my interactions and experiences.” – Tommy Sussex, 2015

What he quietly hints at, and invites us to discover for ourselves, are patterns of exchange, micro-hubs of activity, anticipation of actions and purposeful movement around a both urban and (almost) rural landscape. From the matriarchal organising power of the bingo hall, to the community spirit embodied in collective endeavour at the local Slimming World, the images reveal a community moving, living and negotiating its own terms of engagement.

Tommy Sussex was the recipient of the 2014 South West Graduate Photography Prize. He spent four months getting to know Knowle West during the production of this project: pounding the pavements, meeting local residents and visiting community groups in the area.

‘What Takes Hold’ was commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre and Fotonow. Tommy Sussex is also co-founder of Bristol based photography platform One Giant Arm with fellow photographer Joe Williams. You can view more of Tommy’s work on his website.

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