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Live Stream & Annual General Meeting 2020

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: online event

This year people across Knowle West and Bristol have been finding new ways to learn, live, work, support each other and respond to local needs.

Join us on Tuesday 8 December for an online celebration of this creativity, collaboration and community, in an online stream of films and live content.  The stream will conclude with the KWMC Annual General Meeting for 2020 where you can hear more of what we’ve been up to this year and what 2021 holds.

We’ll be streaming live on Youtube, beginning just after 3pm and concluding at 5pm.

To tell us which films and stories you enjoyed during the live stream or to submit a question during the Annual General Meeting you can comment on the Youtube video, e-mail us at or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @knowlewestmedia.

Live Stream Schedule (3 – 4.15pm)
Part 1: Jump Studios (from 3pm)

Includes a series of films and animations made by the young people and emerging creatives supported by our Jump Studios team this year. Features ‘Lockdown News’ by Dee Hassan, ‘Inner’ by Mevis Birungi, and animations created by young people during Virtual Work Experience 2020.

Part 2: The Data Says It All (from 3.10pm)

A short film from award-winning visual and performance artist Richard Layzell reflecting on his work with KWMC since 2010, weaving together his experiences in the Knowle West community.

Part 3: KWMC The Factory (from 3.30pm)

Highlights of 2020 from our digital innovation and making space.

Part 4: We Can Make (from 3.35pm)

A behind the scenes look at the construction of the Block West pavilion outside KWMC and a movement piece by artist and dancer Tim Lytc inspired by the movements of the team involved in the construction.

Part 5: How do you move? (from 3.50pm)

Residents from across Bristol tell their stories of physical activity and how they incorporate it into everyday life: hear from Abiir, Ben, Lesley and Vince as they explore the question: how do you move?

Part 6: Bristol Living Lab (from 4pm)

Hear more about our work as Bristol Living Lab – a place where people from different backgrounds can come together and create new ideas and technologies. Includes the story of the To / Fro app, which was designed this year to match local volunteers with people who need help in the community.

Annual General Meeting (4.30 – 5pm)

There will be a short break between the end of the live stream and the beginning of the Annual General Meeting.  Tune in to the live meeting to hear what’s in store for KWMC in 2021, and put your questions to our team.

You can ask questions by commenting on the Youtube video, e-mailing us at or sending us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@knowlewestmedia)

You can read our Annual Report for 2019-2020, which will be presented at the Annual General Meeting, here.

After the Stream

We’ll be making the content of the live stream and AGM available for people to watch after the event if you’re not able to tune in live.

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