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KWMC The Factory: July INSPIRE Talk – Human and Community Centred Design

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Making the Difference: Human and Community Centred Design

***Please note this talk was originally scheduled for 22nd July but has been moved due to speaker availability***

Join our Factory technician Fi, who has been working on the Filwood Fantastic community-led design and skills programme, in conversation with local artists and designers as they discuss the intersection of community improvement, community action and collaborative design.

We will be hearing from:

Collaborative designer and all-round sustainability hero Lisa Cole about her locally-focused project Show Some Love, designed to tackle waste on Stapleton Road by inspiring local pride.

In 2019, Lisa Cole responded to the litter issues in her local area by challenging the existing model of ‘name and shame’ and engaging with residents and business to empower the community to respect and rethink its relationship with its streets.

Conceptual artist and lifelong proud Bristolian Claudia Collins about her latest lockdown projects ‘Knowle West beaches’ and ‘Kindness rocks’, aimed at bringing creativity and community spirit to her local streets in a time of uncertainty and isolation.

During lockdown in 2020, Claudia noticed on her daily walks that many of the Knowle West roads are named after seaside resorts, which was all the more prevalent knowing that the people of Bristol were not allowed to visit those places in real life! So Claudia decided to bring the beaches to them, with sandcastles, deckchairs and buckets and spades next to each of the beach-themed road signs.

With funding from local project Filwood Fantastic, she was also able to print a batch of special Knowle West postcards for residents to send to each other just like if they had actually been on holiday, and she is now starting to distribute ‘Knowle West’ branded candy rock for local people to enjoy!

Tune in to find out more about these unique and inspiring projects, and take part in our Q&A afterwards to discuss ways in which we can continue and evolve the process of designing and working closely with communities in today’s socially distant times.

Images: Lisa Cole, Claudia Collins

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