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We Can Make…Homes Hack Day

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Knowle West Media Centre is leading a new programme of work, We Can Make…Homes, that will bring together a team of local people, artists, designers, architects and policy experts to explore new approaches to housing that will support communities to live better together. The project will work with Knowle West as a participatory test-space.

This Hack Day will explore how data could be used to uncover information about land ownership, existing infrastructure and other issues that will help in developing new approaches to designing and building homes.

Challenges for the day could include:

How much land could be developed – where are the most viable plots?

What are the patterns of housing ownership and tenure in the area?

What infrastructure capacity (e.g. utilities) is there already to support new homes and residents?

What services (e.g. social care) are most needed in the area?

Feel free to bring along any relevant open data sets, specific to Bristol, that we could explore together. These could include:

– land and property ownership
– utilities infrastructure (e.g. wi-fi, plumbing, sewage) and capacity for additional building
– transport networks
– LIDAR (light detection and ranging)
– capacity for producing renewable energy
– social care: levels and types
– smart energy networks
– biodiversity

Your input will help to shape a live project in Knowle West that aims to produce new prototype homes.

We will provide a free lunch!

You will need to bring your own laptop for this event. If you don’t have one, please contact us in advance and we should be able to provide one for you. E-mail or call 0117 903 0444.

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