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Come Together Weekender Day 4: Claiming the right to rest

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

An illustration of a woman lying on grass. She is listening to her earphones which is plugged into her iPhone lying on the grass. Above her is a disposable Kodak camera and water bottle. In the mud above the grass, there is muddied text saying ‘Claiming the Right to Rest’ with ‘Sunday 21st November’ underneath. At the very top is two people’s feet wearing walking shoes behind a backdrop of Bristol. Welcome to day four of the Come Together Weekender! A four day gathering of talks, workshops, and events exploring how we can connect through a mix of in-person and virtual, or ‘hybrid’ spaces.

Each day of the Weekender we will be delving into a different question. Today asking…

How can we use ‘hybrid’ to access and enjoy the spaces of rest we need to find peace and wellbeing?

Relax at the end of the weekender. Take a pause and claim your right to rest.

To book onto this days event follow the Eventbrite links below.  To see the other days in the Weekender, click here.


11-2pm: Nature as a resting tool

Start at KWMC or through online content

Come Together commissioned artist Emma Blake-Morsi will host a nature-based collaging and mindfulness workshop, followed by a walk and lunch at the roundhouse in Springfield Allotments, Knowle West.

To book your place and for more detailed information click HERE.

Listen to Vince and Emma’s walk, which was recorded and edited especially for this project by Keziah Wenham-Kenyon, below:



Enjoy this ‘Resourcing Rest’ conversation with Euella Jackson and Roseanna Dias. Produced by Will Taylor

Get comfortable, settle back, lie down if you’re able to, and enjoy a conversation exploring …what we need to create collective spaces of rest. Asking what are the spaces that make us feel good and how can we resource and hold these spaces with care? Opening up questions around whether digital tools can help create inclusive spaces for connection and community wellbeing? 

Listen by clicking the play button below:


Come Together is an Arts Council England funded project aiming to unpack and explore what ‘Hybrid’ is and could mean. ‘Hybrid’ is often referred to as a way of connecting people who are present in-person and virtually.  Through four creative residencies in Knowle West this year artists and the local community have been coming together to experiment with ‘hybrid’ connection. Through the Weekender we will share some of what’s been happening in Knowle West this summer, whilst also celebrating excellent national / international practice in the field and of course opening up more questions together.

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