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Come Together Weekender 18th to 21st November

18/11/2021 - 21/11/2021
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Welcome to the Come Together Weekender! 

A four day gathering of talks, workshops, and events exploring how we can connect through a mix of in-person and virtual, or ‘hybrid’ spaces.

Join us for online + in-person workshops, activities and events.

An illustration of a cork board with: a calendar on it, that has the date November 18th heavily highlighted and circled in red; a post-it note with the writing ‘How can we make accessible hybrid spaces? Centring disability cultures!!!’ Scribbled onto it’; a sign at the top with ‘Inclusion in action’ written onto it; a disability badge and a symbol of two heads in a loop. There are also logos for Knowle West Media Centre and Come Together.

Day 1: Inclusion in Action,

What happens to ‘hybrid’ when you start with access and inclusion?

Come Together for a day of creative play centring expertise from disability cultures and activists. End the day with a disability-centric nightlife party brought to you by the New York based REMOTE ACCESS organising collective.

Find out more about these events and how to book HERE

An illustration of the words 'Making It Sensory' written in cloudy letters on a dark grey background with the date 'Friday 19th Nov' scribbled below it. This is surrounded by illustrations of: a pair of hands with purple nail polish holding a yellow tea cup; hands pouring a teapot over a gold tea strainer into a cup; a green gloved hand holding herbs; hands kneading dough; and hands twisting gold wire together. At the top of the image is the Knowle West Media Centre logo and at the bottom right of the image is the Come Together logo, both in green.

Day 2: Making it Sensory

How can we make digital experiences sensory, warm and engaging? 

Come Together to imagine our own sensory utopias and connect through smell, taste and conversation. End the day with a special Cook-a-long with Grizedale Arts.

Find out more about these events and how to book HERE

An illustration of a hand holding mobile phone shining its torchlight onto a local map. The map is on a wooden desk surrounded by: diagrams, a measuring tool, elastic bands, pencil, paperclips, mini wooden Block West blocks, and brightly coloured letters reading ‘imagining for real’. On the mobile phone is a Zoom call of six people of different genders, ages, and races. At the bottom of the image is the date, ‘Sat 20th November’ and the Knowle West Media Centre logo, both in white.

Day 3: Imagining for real

How can we use a mix of tools to include everyone in neighbourhood visioning?

Come Together for a day of neighbourhood imagining from where ever you are. Take part in online and in-person workshops at Knowle West Media Centre.

Find out more about this days events and how to book HERE

An illustration of a woman lying on grass. She is listening to her earphones which is plugged into her iPhone lying on the grass. Above her is a disposable Kodak camera and water bottle. In the mud above the grass, there is muddied text saying ‘Claiming the Right to Rest’ with ‘Sunday 21st November’ underneath. At the very top is two people’s feet wearing walking shoes behind a backdrop of Bristol.

Day 4: Claiming the right to rest

How can we access and enjoy the spaces of rest we need to find peace and wellbeing?

Come Together to relax at the end of the weekender. Take a pause and claim your right to rest.

Find out more about this days events and how to book HERE


Come Together is an Arts Council England funded project aiming to unpack and explore what ‘Hybrid’ is and could mean. ‘Hybrid’ is often referred to as a way of connecting people who are present in-person and virtually.  Through four creative residencies in Knowle West this year artists and the local community have been coming together to experiment with ‘hybrid’ connection. Through the Weekender we will share some of what’s been happening in Knowle West this summer, whilst also celebrating excellent national / international practice in the field and of course opening up more questions together.


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