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DIY Tech Fair

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, Bristol

Bring your family to our DIY technology fair: explore how to make knitting that lights up and learn how to re-program robots; get hands-on with making, chill out in the cinema room and watch a film that makes sense of ‘citizen sensing.’

This event is the last chance to explore the Commons Sense Test Space exhibition before it closes.

The Commons Sense Test Space is an interactive exhibition exploring sensors, data and ‘the commons’  at Knowle West Media Centre made by artists Becca Rose and Pete Bennett, in collaboration with digital manufacturing space KWMC: The Factory.

As part of The Commons Sense Test Space a series of artist workshops took place over the summer. At this event you will have the chance to find out what participants made and meet the artists.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For further information please contact Martha on 0117 903 0444 or e-mail

More information about the Commons Sense summer events programme:

Women Reclaiming AI for Activism, was led by artists Coral Manton and Birgitte Aga. In this workshop, people identifying as female challenged the often-subservient female voices that are commonly used by chat-bots or voice assistants by collaboratively creating a new intelligence for a feminist ‘conversational AI’ [Artificial Intelligence]. At the fair you will have the chance to chat with ‘Feminist’ and add to her inteligence.

DIY sensor workshop: Explore E-textiles was led by E-Stitches, a Bristol based meet-up group for thinkers, tinkerers, makers, and creators to get together and explore wearable technologies, e-textiles, and soft circuitry. The workshop participants learnt about the wonderful world of E-textiles and got hands on making, coding and stitching. See what people created and learn how to make your own conductive pom pom.

Image: Ibolya Feher

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