Celebrating Nature Connections in Knowle West

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Celebrate our most recent exploration into how we connect with nature on our doorstep. Together we will share wisdoms for improving access to green spaces for both wildlife and humans.

Expect mud batteries and the chance to play with macroscopes. Artist-in-residence Tay Aziz will present an embroidered creation inspired by the green spaces around Knowle West and the people who connect them. Our local Neighbourhood Scientists will also be sharing their discoveries of our community’s wildlife, captured through journalling, phone photography, garden cameras and more.

This event is a celebration of our 2 recent projects: ‘Garden Lab Whispers Grow’ funded by Bristol + Bath Creative R+D Grounding Technologies and ‘Collect to Connect’ our neighbourhood science project funded by Impetus Accelerator funding.

Anyone is welcome. If you have any questions big or small, please contact or call / text: 07561036175.

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